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When you consider that most people figure out how to ask a question before leaving grade school, yet journalism is almost entirely populated by people who needed an additional four years of secondary education to crack that nut, it all makes sense.

RussianBot (@JamesWSchuler)
Tweeted on November 30, 2018
[It’s not entirely true, but it has a strong leaning in the direction of truth.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—RussianBot (@JamesWSchuler)

  1. I will continue to remind people that accusing the left, which already controls most of the world, of stupidity is a fatal mistake. Apparently, getting this one issue to be understood is going to be a life-long work.

    To all you geniuses; If the leftists are generally stupid, and they’re winning, what does that make you?

    Absolutely, some of the leftist operatives are dumb as a box of rocks (or are they?). BUT their handlers, determined to sell the Marxist/socialist/Progressive authoritarian One World Ecumenical narrative for their own, knowingly evil purposes, will readily employ a dummy or an evil genius. Why not? Either way the purpose is served, but a dummy, a weakling and thus a fearful employee asks fewer questions and poses less of a threat to the employer.

    When someone is playing a role, scripted for him by an employer, is the actor’s IQ terribly relevant beyond the ability to read and deliver lines? I say, No. I say that when you see a journalist displaying the apparent brain power of a six year-old, it may be a dumb person and it may not, AND it makes no difference either way. If it truly is a dumb person, that dumb person will have been picked precisely because he is dumb. Dumb people are easier to control.

    Buy why the focus on intelligence or education (especially on education, given that most of the schools are leftist indoctrination centers)?

    Rather, maybe it’s the casual observers’ ability to discern that we should be considering, but even THAT is a secondary, or tertiary issue– I’d rather have a good genius, but I’ll take a simple-minded person with good principles over an evil genius any day.

    So it is, once again, I say that one’s allegiance is the issue here, not the intelligence quotient, and if you want to help you’ll focus more on the matter of allegiance, how it happens, and how to change a person’s allegiance from one side to the other.

    Now we’re talking about “de-programming”, about syndromes, about the sophisticated and brilliant manipulation tactics of the enemy, about the deepest, subtlest influences in human psychology and even spirituality, and in that case one’s actual intelligence has little (and as I submit for careful consideration; nothing whatsoever, at all) to do with it.

    I might further submit that name-calling and cat-calling directed at the left’s unfortunate tools, entertaining as it may be, is no more than virtue-signaling to our side while intensifying the resolve of the left. That’ll get you traffic, maybe, and win some pals who come to you for good feelings rather than problem-solving, but it won’t actually fix anything. You cat-call the members of the Dark Alliance, they go to their own for solace. See? It’s reinforcing their reinforcement structure.

    And of course I’m as guilty as anyone (no argument there) but that doesn’t prevent me from speaking on the matter, for who should know the consequences of failure better than a failure, and what behaviors lead to failure?

    Maybe it’s after the pain of accepting the hard truths becomes less than the pain of the failure which comes from ignoring them, they we come to the trruth.

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