The question of need

From Q13 Fox:

Mical Roberts: Convicted felon, dangerous gang member now suspect in deadly home invasion


On November 19th, a woman called 911 from a bedroom closet in the 10000 block of 1st Ave. SW at 7:39 pm and said a shooting was occurring. “He broke into a house and then he murdered a 26 year old male that lived there, shot him and killed him, in his own house and then left out of the area,” said King County Sheriff’s Sgt. Ryan Abbott. We have not recovered the murder weapon, the gun and he knows that we’re looking for him, he knows the police are looking for him and he’s actively hiding from us.”

Roberts is considered ‘armed and dangerous.’

He’s 24 years old, 6’5″ and weighs 250 pounds.

He also has a Department of Corrections warrant for his arrest and King County detectives say he’s been involved in other recent shootings.

If someone would stop insisting on infringing up on your right to keep and bear arms if you gave an answer to the question of, “Why you do you need an AR-15?” This would be a good answer.

To the unasked question: a 30 round magazine loaded 70 gr GMX bullets (“GMX® is ideal for any sized game, from antelope to moose”).


8 thoughts on “The question of need

  1. Sadly, it’s only available in loaded .223/5.56 ammo at 50 or 55 grain bullet weights (Full Boar and Superformance, respectively.)

    Still, that ought to do it.

    Personally, I’m partial to Ranger-T 55gr softpoints for the hd magazines.

  2. I still worry about overpenetration being an issue with .223 rounds.

    Now, if someone splatters this cockroach with a barrage of buckshot from a Saiga, I won’t be particularly concerned. Cleanup, aisle 5…

    • I recall seeing some test results that buckshot tends to penetrate drywall at least as well as AR rounds, in terms of energy retention.

      Bottom line, I think, is shooting indoors is going to be problematic from a number of standpoints; but if someone is coming at you with a weapon in your living room, there aren’t a lot of other good options.

    • Many SWAT type groups are moving to .223/5.56 because there is LESS wall penetration than their long standing 9mm weapons produce. Buckshot isn’t as bad as 9mm is, but it’s still not good for bystander safety. Your family is definitely at risk, and maybe the neighbors, too.
      You can find video of wall tests on u-tube, etc. (box of truth?)

      • Someone needs to explain this, since I was under the impression the .223’s round’s greater velocity would come into play over the 9mm.

        I’m not arguing over ‘what’s best’. What’s best is what you have in hand and can use. I’m just a bit confused by how a 9mm round (even from the same length carbine) could have better wall penetration than the .223.

        • Perhaps the .223 bullet yaws and goes sideways. Also the 9mm bullet is much heavier. If using a FMJ or it doesn’t expand that could explain some things too.

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