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Everything I was told to fear about being openly gay has become a reality in being openly conservative. The fear of being fired, harassed, called dehumanizing names, bullied, and denied access to public life (even violence) are all realities I face today as a conservative.

By the very nature of the left’s views on what constitutes “hate,” I am incapable of freely expressing myself on any public forum without very careful editing and presentation. I never truly experienced hate until I came out as a conservative.

Chad Felix Greene
December 11, 2018
The Stigma Against My Conservative Politics Is Worse Than The Stigma Of Being Gay
[I was recently told that a certain organization had a reputation of being a bunch of conservatives… “But they aren’t all bad.”

In her mind “conservative” was a synonym for “bad” and she didn’t want to have anything to do with “people like that”.—Joe]


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  1. As a conservative, he is a nonbeliever, a heretic, an apostate, a barbarian, an untouchable of the left’s new religion. They have no room for tolerance.

    It won’t be long before they demand that we convert or call for our heads. And should you ‘convert’ you will forever be a second-class person not to be trusted.

    • There have already been calls for jail or re-education camps for “climate deniers”.

      • Yea, I lost a friend about 4 years ago when I ran a simple drunker walk model to show that trends can be random. He was furious and could not accept that arctic melting could have a random component. To him, it was the evidence of impending catastrophe. I suspect he would be very in favor of jail or re-education camps for us.

        I am starting to worry that the left’s momentum is increasing and will rapidly overtake and dominate our society. We will not be treated kindly if that happens.

    • In Spain and to a lesser extent in Portugal, after the Moors (Muslims) were ejected from Iberia and Jews were faced with expulsion or conversion. The Jews who became Christian, aka “Conversos” were thereafter watched with suspicion in case they were secretly still Jewish.
      I think this is part of the Trump Derangement Syndrome afflicting our country now. He was a Democrat until early 2015, or thereabouts. Nobody likes a turncoat, particularly the “tolerant” and “understanding” Leftists.

  2. Not that I ride public transit – but I refuse to ride in the back of the bus. And I won’t give up my seat to any antifa passengers.

  3. “…an untouchable of the left’s new religion.”

    All spot on, but for one little thing; there’s nothing whatsoever “new” about this. It is in fact thousands of years old.

  4. In fact it is not crime, or catastrophe, or “hate” (except insofar as they want to eliminate people they hate), or accidents, or poverty, or anything else that causes authoritarians to lose their shit. It is goodness. They oppose good, they oppose the generally law-abiding, and they oppose the people and the systems (namely property rights and the free market concept) which serve Mankind. Therefore they hate “conservatives”, the “John Wayne” image (the “cowboy” doesn’t tolerate bullshit), and they hate the Ten Commandments, etc., more than they hate anything else under the sun. It’s why they hate Western, Judeao/Christian Civilization in general, while buddying up to liars, dictators, tyrants, phonies, mobsters, and rioters.

    And once again, in short, and very simply; it’s mind of Cain, the “god-emperors” of old, and of papal Rome, which we face. They just about own the world right now, we’re just waiting for them to take the rest of it, and we’re still acting all befuddled exasperated at their “stupidity” and their “inability to reason”.

    • ^This^

      Remember though: they approve of discrimination against you based on your ideology. OK, fine. If that’s the rule, then even though it’s not OK to discriminate against someone for being a woman (female is a protected class), it’s just fine to discriminate against them if they support women’s rights (that’s a political position). Even though it’s not OK to discriminate against someone for being gay (homosexuality is a protected class), it’s just fine to discriminate against them if they support gay rights (that’s a political position). See? It’s easy! Anyone can play this game!

      You sure you want to go there, lefties? Well, do ya, punk?

  5. “…we’re still acting all befuddled exasperated at their “stupidity” and their “inability to reason”

    And recognize that their organic mob based tactics are achieving their goals at our expense while our tactics are welcome and just encourage them. It’s the long game that counts, only ‘long’ may turn out to be way too soon for us.

  6. With “Conservative” being such a bad concept, and hating being what they do best, I am waiting until I can cackle as Leslie Caron did in “Father Goose” when Grant admitted he was a school teacher, “Ha ha ha, you are the conservative!” when some leftist scum is against change and an activist court.

  7. And just in time for this post;

    But the author also got it wrong. It isn’t that the tyrants are insane, or stupid, delusional, etc., it’s that they understand perfectly the fact that, in order for masses of people to be controlled they have to be treated with extreme unfairness under a lack of stable ground rules. That way they’ll be so exasperated, so off-kilter, they’ll never be able to respond effectively.

    Every elementary schoolyard bully understands this. Why don’t we?

    Welcome to the up and coming New Dark Ages.

  8. Ostensibly from Karl Rove;


    “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors … and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”

  9. I’m going to take an unpopular stance here and say that your political leaning is a choice, where as being gay is not. I do not understand why political alignment and religious preference always seem to try to pop up in the argument about what a protected class should be (against discrimination). I always thought it was a bleeding liberal thing to want to include them.

    • Your starting premise seems reasonable enough, but I’m confused about what conclusion you’re trying to draw from that. Are you saying that only inborn traits should be the subject of class protection? Or only choices should be?
      My take on it is that membership in a group does not create any rights. It makes no difference whether the alleged group is defined by genes, nurture, or whim.

  10. “I’m going to take an unpopular stance here and say that your political leaning is a choice”

    Perhaps, but I am not sure anymore. There could be an epigenetic factor at work, but I think you do not really have that much free will to decide.

    During my years at college and thereafter, I considered myself a progressive with a conservative streak, but now, the conservative inner being is dominate. Looking back, it’s clear that I only gave some lip service to the progressive side and that I have been a conservative all along.

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