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So average New Jersey residents and veterans have the skill to safely fire 10 lethal rounds at a time in self defense, but if they fired 11 lethal rounds at a time without POST training it would create a dangerous situation? Am I understanding all of this correctly? And this law upheld by judicial apologetics is causing a reduction in violent crime in New Jersey, right?

Drew Rinella
December 6, 2018
Comment to New Jersey must have a stupidity force field
[Yes. Yes. And yes.

Any more questions?—Joe]


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  1. Agreed. A couple of points: First, per the ruling, training and training alone determines whether or not one can exercise one’s rights. This is akin to requiring a BA in English prior to owning a laser printer because you may use it to print pamphlets inciting violence. Second, because the ruling applied to a specific law arbitrarily banning magazines with a capacity of more than ten rounds, if the legislature passes another law limiting civilians to single shot firearms (or no firearms), the same logic will apply.

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