Quote of the day—Vote Blue November 6‏ @AlvardoMitchell

Unless you ban civilian firearms and make illegal possession a capital crime, you will never stop the paranoid cowardly delusional gun trash. Stop pretending gun owners are in any way decent and human.

Vote Blue November 6‏ @AlvardoMitchell
Tweeted September 30, 2018.
[This is what they think of you. Take appropriate action.—Joe]


10 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Vote Blue November 6‏ @AlvardoMitchell

  1. Alrighty then…

    Way to frame the upcoming festivities for us.

    Decision making is easier when there isn’t a choice.

    Piss Ant.

    Jeff B.

    • Yup, we’re being herded into chaos. You’ll think and do as the authoritarians want. You’ll believe these were all your own ideas and that you’re acting counter to the authoritarians’ wishes. You’ll believe that you’re rebelling, while in so doing, and at he height of your rebellion, you will be in compliance, acting out your part of a script written for you by your enemy.

      It’s all about control, remember? Surely, control comes in various forms. It’s not all just pressure, threats and intimidation is it? It also includes taunting and baiting, and the planting of suggestions while presenting certain outcomes.

  2. What deep analysis! What a perceptive reading of the situation and how to make society safer! What an absolute ignoramus of history! What total ignorance of all the levers of social activity!
    Push down on the lever of mass shootings and bring up the lever of common criminality perpetrated by force, whether using a gun, a knife, club, rock, or just by being bigger than the victim. What a great solution!

  3. At least he says “you” and “you” rather than employing the standard, Progressive “We”, meaning he doesn’t pretend to have any part to play in the upcoming dirty work. Let’s acknowledge a tidbit of honesty there.

    “…paranoid cowardly delusional gun trash.”

    What happened to “Tolerance” and the love of “Diversity”, the unqualified assertion that “All Cultures Have Something to Offer”, and what happened to the aversion to “Painting With a Broad Brush” (hundreds of millions of gun owners, in this instance, based on the actions of a criminal few)?

    Progressive Marxists, papists, et al, have never believed any of that stuff, of course. Those lofty-sounding rhetorical devices are all just tricks, all ruses, the cynically-applied arts of tactics. The upper level “Progressive” leaders have never believed any of that, or they’ve graduated from believing it, having earned their degree in Psychological Warfare and Community Organizing. They use any sort of morality language only in counterfeit form, as a tool of manipulation. The authoritarian belief system, such as it is; the leftist ideology; all that horse crap is only for manipulating the lower level, “Progressive” rank and file; their sheep, their cattle, their pawns, the Goyum, the eventual cannon fodder.*

    It’s brilliant how the authoritarian system gets its followers to say and do the stupidest, most ignorant and hypocritical things. It’s genius, and most importantly; it works! Don’t knock it.

    * Those sorry bastards are as much the victims in all of this as anyone.

  4. I can’t reply. My mind is again blown by that person’s malicious, intellectually dishonest ideology.

  5. You’re paranoid and delusional.

    We’re going to execute you if you don’t comply.

    I don’t understand how a thinking, adult person can simultaneously hold to such dissonant statements unless he himself is the one suffering from paranoid delusions, and this is all projection.

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