Quote of the day—Jeffrey Guterman @JeffreyGuterman

Anyone who is paranoid that their guns will be taken away should have their guns taken away.

Jeffrey Guterman @JeffreyGuterman
Tweeted on November 8, 2018
[Implementing a Catch-22 scenario. Nice try.

Apply this to other specific enumerated rights such as the right to trial by jury, right to representation by a lawyer, free speech, free association, freedom of religion, and in Mr. Guterman’s case I would like the local National Guard unit to knock on his door every day and his Third Amendment rights treated in such a manner.—Joe]

6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Jeffrey Guterman @JeffreyGuterman

  1. I’m amazed that people who claim to be our intellectual betters so often make asinine statements. It’s right up there with comments about penis size. Do they really think that’s insulting and will make us change our opinions? I just think they sound stupid for even saying it.

  2. Only my enemy wants me disarmed.

    We have a long list of legislators and proposed legislation lauded by gun control advocates to restrict or confiscate our firearms.

    We have historical examples of the disastrous results of firearms confiscations (e.g. USSR, China, Venezuela, Turkey, North Korea) and subsequent genocide.

    Why does Mr. Guterman think his viewpoint has any validity?

  3. “Anyone who is paranoid that their guns will be taken away should have their guns taken away.”

    If you think someone is paranoid, why would you want to prove them right?

    By the way, doing so is an excellent way to generate more paranoids.

    I really don’t believe this guy thought it through.

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