Quote of the day—L. Mac from Melmac‏ @SlaveToTheAxe

It says you support the 2nd Amendment….

Can you please explain why you don’t support the other 26?

It’s almost as if you are a full of shit or something….You must have an awfully small penis to require an extension like a gun.

L. Mac from Melmac‏ @SlaveToTheAxe
Tweeted on October 30, 2018
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—L. Mac from Melmac‏ @SlaveToTheAxe

  1. Only a leftist could equate “I support X” with “I don’t support Y, which is not X’s opposite”.

    Of course, they also equate sex with violence, so I guess it’s not a big stretch.

  2. It is amazing how support for one issue automatically means you do or do not support another particular issue. If I go around supporting my local boy scouts that doesn’t automatically mean I am against the girl scouts. If I donate my time and equipment for one project, it doesn’t mean I am against all the other projects out there.

    The 2nd is the only amendment where supports have to justify why they support it.

    I support the constitution of these United States. I focus on the 2nd, the 4th and the 1st. The 2nd because it is the foundation that the rest sit on. The 4th because privacy is getting harder and harder to attain in this country. And the 1st because there are so many people that feel hate speech is not free speech.

  3. “It’s almost as if you are a full of shit or something….”

    As if
    Or something

    In other words; you are not “a full of shit”.

    So which comes first; the hate or the incoherence? Which one is the result of the other, are they independent afflictions, or are they both symptoms of one disease ? It’s a serious issue.

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