2 thoughts on “Vote No on #I1639

  1. Yes of course; being anti-everyone, that would make I 1639 anti-women and anti-minority as well. This is born out of classic Democrat Party thinking; “Republicans block spending bill, women and minorities hardest hit!” only this one actually has some credibility to it. These are excellent posters, showing the utter hypocrisy of leftist thinking.

    On a side note; democracy, by definition, is anti-minority. It is therefor hypocritical when people calling themselves “democrats” claim to champion minority rights. That is unless they cheat. If they cheat then they’re being somewhat consistent– That’d be using the trappings of democracy to see to it that the minority wins.

    But wait; if we lose this one we’ll become entitled to special protected status as a minority, right? So democracy exists specifically for the purpose of oppressing the minority, which in turn becomes especially entitled as a result of the oppression. Minority laws must then be enacted, by the guilty majority, being that the minority has no power, so as to lift up the oppressed minority to a status above the majority, just to set things aright. As gun owners then we should have something akin to Affirmative Action laws all written up and ready to go, just in case, so, as an oppressed minority, we’d be legally entitled to preferential treatment in all matters.

    The is what we doomed ourselves to as a nation, when we relegated the founding principles to the back burner in favor of “addressing the ‘complexities’ of these ‘changing times'”; a never-ending cycle of hypocrisy, in which each side may point fingers at the other and be justified in doing so.

  2. Going to make an exception here, I don’t support anyone who violates Rule 3, or any other of Jeff Cooper’s safety rules.

    One wonders about its provenance, probably not an real example of how US gun culture has become a shibboleth for politicians. I read a while ago that at the national level the Democrats have no operatives who know enough about guns to stage a convincing commercial for one of their’s who is pretending to be pro-gun.

    And it shows, I remember someone running for a position in Mississippi or thereabouts who ran a commercial that got a lot of notice at the national level where he was wielding a level action gun, which in truth just allowed a lot of us from elsewhere to realize he’d lose his primary. Can’t remember how poor his muzzle discipline was, but he kept his finger in the trigger guard way too much.

    Interestingly, by definition, a lot of criminals actually get this right….

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