Quote of the day—Stephen Paolini

The big thrust is making sure it is at least as hard to purchase a semi-automatic assault rifle as it already to purchase a handgun.

The reality is, initiative 1639 will not end gun violence. It will not stop all gun violence, but it will cut at some of the really big components of it.

Stephen Paolini
Campaign Manager of the ‘Yes on 1639’ campaign
October 17, 2018
Voters to decide fate of Washington’s gun control initiative this Nov.
[Read the article. Notice the complete lack of mention by Paolini for the right of the people to keep and bear arms? That is because he doesn’t care about your rights.

The “big thrust” is against “semi-automatic assault rifles”? Suppose this law were wildly successful and there were no more murders in Washington state committed with rifles of any type. How many lives would be saved compared to the murders committed with other weapons?

It turns out that in 2017 Washington had one murder attributed to the use of a rifle, 75 to the use of handguns, 36 to the use of a knife or cutting instrument, and 18 to hands, fists, feet, etc. This fact is from the 2017 FBI Uniform Crime Report.

So, how can Paolini believe restricting access to a subset of the rifles can “cut at some of the really big components” of “gun violence”? The only way this can be true is if he believes one is a “really big component” of 76. It is true that these type of people have serious problems with comprehending numbers, but is much more likely an alternate hypothesis is true.

Stephen Paolini is a liar and has complete disregard for the rights of others.

So, you have to ask yourself, what is his true motivation?

Do not trust anything to do with this scumbag.—Joe]


One thought on “Quote of the day—Stephen Paolini

  1. Saving lives is NOT on the Progressive agenda. Far from it, they’re the same people who rail against “overpopulation”, hate those of us they refer to as “breeders”, and tell us that a few hundred million is the ideal global population.

    When those who see the human race as a stain on the Earth are calling for disarmament of the law-abiding, it isn’t difficult to understand their motivation.

    When you add the fact that violent crime rates tend to be higher, and economic conditions worse, in places where Progressive ideals prevail, and when they see all of that and still they call for more, then their true motives become impossible to deny.

    They’re motivated by hatred and fear of the free and prosperous, and by insatiable lust for coercive power.

    Sure, they’ll lie about it, practically every time. Of course. They even get millions of people to embrace the lies as beautiful truth. They’re professional liars with generations of experience. It’s those rare instances when they actually say what they think, and their actions over the long term, which prove the motives.

    If you want a clearer picture of what they have planned for us here, look at Africa, South America, the Middle East, old Soviet Union, and Europe’s Dark Ages.

    You don’t want to look at THIS, but those places are where Biblical Christianity (sola scriptura), or Protestantism against Rome, is or was the primary target. Not only did the founding of the U.S. fly in the face of coercive authoritarianism by upholding equal rights and liberty, the New World was accordingly also a haven for Protestants. Something always has to be done about such heresy.

    In fact we’re heading for a fascistic New World Order (their words, not mine) in which Redistribution (one of their favorite words) is the order of the day and wholesale coercion is upheld and glorified as the means to all goals (because unbridled, wholesale coercion IS the goal).

    There’s nothing you can do to stop it. You can only expose it, but how far down that rabbit hole are you willing to go to expose it? How much of your self identity are you willing to let go?

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