Trust your government

From Electronic Frontier Foundation Newly Released Surveillance Orders Show That Even with Individualized Court Oversight, Spying Powers Are Misused:

Rather than notifying the court that it had destroyed the communications it obtained without authorization, the NSA made an absurd argument in a bid to retain the communications: because the surveillance was unauthorized, the agency’s internal procedures that require officials to delete non-relevant communications should not apply. Essentially, because the surveillance was unlawful, the law shouldn’t apply and the NSA should get to keep what it had obtained.

And these are the people we supposedly should trust with our freedom?

Maybe someone else has some perspective on this…



1 thought on “Trust your government

  1. So, if I take something from another person, business, store or such without authorization, because it is unlawful to do so, I get to keep it? I don’t get arrested or thrown in the slammer. Sign me up!! (Now for the real world.) Wow! Who thinks this kind of crap up? I must assume that the declaration of the reasoning for keeping the information was delivered with a straight face. They must have some incredible acting skills. Any bets on when the perps get arrested?

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