Quote of the day—Brian Keith

“And please don’t respond. I detest when men who don’t read Design Mom come here and lecture this community of incredibly smart, well-educated women.”

You want to advocate that tens of millions of Americans be made in to felons to be hunted by police, but you object to any of those people you would make into felons merely typing a reply to your advocacy of their demise?

That doesn’t sound smart, and it doesn’t sound well-educated.

How did the United States take land from the Native Americans? Part of it was by taking their guns first.

How did the Germans push the Jews in to the ghettos? Partly by taking their guns first.

How did the Turks exterminate so many Armenians? They took the Armenians’ guns first.

How did Mao kill tens of millions? Pol Pot? Stalin?

The history of gun confiscation is the history of marginalized groups being exterminated by the majority.

Just because you yourself have no such desire has no effect on what the people you give this power to will do.

To see just what a bad idea taking all the guns away is, let’s change out the groups you want to make defenseless, and see how it sounds:

No African Americans should be allowed to own guns.

No women should be allowed to own guns.

No single moms should be allowed to own guns.

No Jews should be allowed to own guns.

No LGBTQ+ people should be allowed to own guns.

Pretty ugly, right?

I hope you aren’t advocating that a gay person isn’t allowed to defend themselves from gay bashing.

Brian Keith
October 15, 2018
Via Email.
[The quote from Design Mom can be found in the comment of February 19, 2018 at 12:33 pm here.

Noticed the condescension and the attempt at “reasoned discourse”. Typical.—Joe]


7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Brian Keith

  1. Ignorant mom should stick to designing interiors or whatever it is that she does.

    • That’s part of the Progression. Delete the comments, delete the means of self defense, delete the people who disagree with you. Make the pain go away.

      People control is mind control, and therefore the authoritarian cannot abide any word of dissent. Dissent ruins the mind game. It can pop the mind bubble. Open disagreement (heresy) is therefore seen by authoritarians as a violent attack against their authority (you’re not playing the game), and they’ll wish to respond accordingly (with violence).

      They’ll tell you they’re thoroughly opposed to violence, which they are. They’re opposed to “violence” against their mind-constructs. Any attempt to pop that mind bubble is a violent attack. You may as well have thrust an ice pick to their collective head. You’re ruining the entire game. You might as well have showed up to their illustrious meeting hall with a bulldozer and smashed the place to bits. As opposed to violence as they are, they’ll have to respond to your “violence” of words (heretic words of liberty) with physical violence.

      Thus, if everyone would simply obey them, and never question them (never attack the mind game), there would be, by definition, no violence.

      So shut up, sit down, and for hell’s sake give up your stupid weapons. Better yet, disappear from the face of the Earth, because that’ll always be the Final Solution in the pursuit of “Peace” and “Unity“.

      • I don’t agree that liberals are opposed to violence. They are the most violent and emotionally unstable population of people. This is manifest repeatedly throughout history. I don’t think even the total body count of Islamic conquest throughout time has claimed as many lives as the total of liberal pillars such as communism, socialism, and abortion. Correct me if I’m wrong.

        • Total communist deaths in the 20th century:
          Approximately 150 million, though estimates vary.

          Total Islamic bodycount in the last ~1400 years:
          Approximately 250 million, though perhaps as high as 600 million if the wars of expansion into the Hindu Kush were at the high end of estimates.

          Depending on how you want to slice the numbers (annualized, adjusted for world population or not, raw total, corpses per devotee, or whatever) you could call it either way. Both are bad for life expectancy. One is very bad for it’s own nation, the other is very bad for neighbors. And that’s not even taking into account the slavery aspect.

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