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  1. I’m not an adrenaline junkie. Don’t enjoy horror movies, roller coasters, ziplines. Not afraid of them, they just don’t give me any jollies.

    • Daughter Kim (as a teenager anyway) loved them. No one else in the family cared for them. She also, going back to at least a five year-old, loved roller coasters. She also is the one, at about age six, was sent to her room for misbehavior and climbed from her room onto the roof, jumped off the roof to the back yard, and played to the swing set.

      I like roller coasters okay.

      • Heights bother me the most. I don’t care to watch horror movies, because I have too vivid an imagination, I guess. Roller coasters are ok, except Space Mountain. I hate roller coasters in the dark. I had no trouble with ziplines. The hardest part of the zip line was climbing the (open) metal staircase that was behind the office standing by itself.

  2. One of the best times I had watching horror movies, I was in college and the last surviving drive-in theater in town had a Friday the thirteenth (the day not the movie) horror movie marathon. These were the cheesy ’60s horror movies with technicolor blood without the atmosphere of the classics from the ’30s. We took plenty of beer (did I mention college) and the more we watched (thus the more beer we drank), the funnier the movies got. Think “Mystery Science Theater” with alcohol and smart alec college students. I do remember how much fun we had, I do not remember the movies.

      • Well there goes my life long dream to be the chief of the national beer commission. Besides, I believe the statute of limitations applies. LOL.

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  4. What I don’t understand is why the victims don’t just shoot whatever is terrorizing them.

  5. I’ll side with Richard, Mr. Wilson and SPQR, and heed John Farnam’s advice: don’t go stupid places with stupid people and do stupid things. Anyone with more than a single-digit IQ should be able to recognize avoidable hazards, and if one is required to be, or delivered to, a position in which some hazards may be unavoidable, lacking the tools (and intelligence is a tool, just like a firearm is a tool) to deal with it disqualifies them from any interest or sympathy on my part. I simply do not have the patience to devote any attention to self-victimizing idiots, and even less for fictional portrayals of self-victiminzing idiots.

    Yes, shooting the threat would result in a very short movie; so would a competent threat and/or a sufficiently incompetent intended victim; either shoot or shut up and accept your fate, the rest of us have busy lives.

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