1 thought on “Vote No on #I1639

  1. Those of the criminal mind (the authoritarian mind) do not see self defense, for people other than themselves, as a legitimate concept. Quite the opposite; self defense, self determination, and thinking for one’s self, are the most irritating problems for them. Thus gun control today is on par with the anti-heresy campaigns perpetrated by the Vatican in the Middle Ages. They have killed, and will kill, for gun control.

    These ad posters, while very compelling to you and me, are, to those of the authoritarian/criminal mind, advertizements in favor of more gun restrictions. They point to the precise reasons why more gun restriction, and eventually total disarmament, is needed– People can’t be lorded over, effectively threatened, herded, robbed, raped and murdered if they’re allowed to defend themselves.

    An armed citizenry then threatens everything an authoritarian stands for, and nothing (no lie, no crime, no back-stabbing, no dastardly deed) can be considered off the table when it comes to the all-important task of disarmament.

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