1 thought on “Quote of the day—Cyberzen‏ @JDBonnar

  1. A thousand years ago, or a hundred years ago, or today? Theres no significant difference. Why should there be any difference? Of course we have better technology but the same forces are in play.

    And don’t make the mistake of singling out one political party. The Republicans are either powerless to turn back the tide, or they are pretending to be powerless. It doesn’t matter which; the result is the same. “Drain The Swamp” is a nice slogan, but who’s even discussing the mass arrests of anti-constitutionalists which would be necessary to begin the process?

    And who’s innocent enough to avoid arrest, if the charge is to be conspiracy against the U.S. constitution? Didn’t they just pass a Republican-backed spending bill that has more socialism in it than Venezuela’s entire GDP in her best year?

    Sure; you can list plenty of “differences” between the parties, but they’re all just actors in the same play, they all tend to belong to the same fraternal organizations, and at the upper levels they all speak the same rhetoric.

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