Actions have consequences

Via email from last week (with permission, and a minor typo fixed):

Just wanted to pass on that I received a reference request from a past student (16 years ago). I really could not remember her, so I did a Google search. The first thing that popped up was that she was a Quote of the Day on your blog a few months ago. Her short rant was about gun lovers having small penises and wanting us all dead! She obviously did not remember, from all those years ago, that I am a Life Member of the N.R.A. Not likely to get a reference from me.

This really made my day. I still have a bit of a “glow” from this.


6 thoughts on “Actions have consequences

    • No.
      In today’s litigious society, that would give ammo to the proggie for a lawsuit.
      And a proggie judge might not throw the case into the trash.
      Even if it was dismissed, it would still require large quantities of expensive lawyerhours and that money would come out of the business’s bottom line.

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  2. Something as simple as a “It’s been too long since we’ve had a personal interaction to give a fair recommendation” is perfectly acceptable.

    • I think it would have been far more amusing to simply respond with a link to the QOTD and sign the message with my name and a “title” of NRA Life Member.

      It has the advantage of coming out of the closet and making it known that we are not a bunch of drooling subhumans. But from other aspects your suggestion has the advantage.

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