Quote of the day—Mental Health Hazzard @mental_hazzard

Sorry kids, but those lax gun laws help Cletus feel less bad about his tiny penis. Your lives just aren’t as important as that.

Mental Health Hazzard @mental_hazzard
Tweeted on September 18, 2018
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

If this Mental Health Hazzard actually believes that “lax gun laws” are responsible for the death of children or that gun ownership has anything to do with penis size they have mental acuity issues as well as mental health issues. I suspect it is either about compensation for their lack of understanding of criminology, psychology, constitutional law, natural law, and the practicality of restricting a highly valued commodity or they are trolling for the entertainment value.—Joe]


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  1. I get a kick out of the “Cletus” reference. Of course Hazzard and his urban ilk picture us all as beer-swillin’, pickup drivin’ cretins. The whole penis joke thing is a meme they can collectively pile on, to try to outdo each other with their presumed wit and comic insight.
    Much easier to caricature the people of the gun than actually try to understand them – it’s a natural tendency, apparently. Propaganda requires that the opponent must be defined as subhuman. Unfortunately, I’ve yet to actually have some liberal gun hater refer to my dick size in person.

  2. Allow me to quote the Scoutmaster we met at Boomershoot this past year while in line for lunch: “There are more degrees on this firing line than on a thermometer”.

    I have met very few Cletus types in the shooting sports. Unless you’re hunting for sustenance and every rounds counts, shooting is an expensive sport. It is not a sport of rubes or hicks if you’re serious about it. I recall getting laughed at because I was only spending $1.25 per shot compared to some other shooters. If there was compensation going on it was comparing calibers and accuracy, not barrel length.

    And I always wonder what our women shooters were compensating for.

    • It may be enjoyable at times, but I take umbrage to the reference to the keeping and bearing of arms as a “sport”. Competition shooting, maybe, but “sport” cheapens even that to some extent. This is a serious matter, and “sport” hardly seems appropriate.

      The authoritarians promote “sport” as a distraction (bread and circuses, and all that rot), to keep the people occupied and not thinking too much about how they’re being herded, raped and pillaged.

      I will never attempt to “defend” myself by portraying what I do as a “sport”– I believe it’s falling into a trap to do so.

      No; regardless of how enjoyable it may at times be, the keeping and bearing of arms is a serious deterrent against, and preparation for defense against, criminal aggression including wholesale criminal aggression, and for the harvesting of wild animal protein.

      Don’t cheapen it. This isn’t a game, and I’m no fucking “sportsman”. Please, let’s stop with that fake meme.

      • The events in the original Olympic games were all militarily significant activities: running, jumping, wrestling, boxing, discus throw, equestrian events. To the extent that a sport demonstrates a practical skill, you can’t say it is worthless. Competition breed excellence, as many military trainer will tell you.

        To the extent that sports are seen as a diversion, and an end unto themselves, I’d have to agree with you.

        • Some sports are classic military activities. But it’s hard to find a sport that isn’t, in one way or another, a means for improving the human. Ping-pong sharpens your reflexes. Chess sharpens the analytical mind. Or take skydiving — even ignoring the “airborne” connection, I know first hand that it sharpened my situational awareness and speeded up my reflexes. Not to mention what it does to help your understanding of the importance of safety procedures (exactly as with shooting).

  3. “.. it is either about compensation for their lack of understanding of criminology, psychology, constitutional law, natural law, and the practicality of restricting a highly valued commodity or they are trolling for the entertainment value.”

    Or it’s just basic agitation, as part of standard operating procedure. Agitation always has a value for the Dark Side. It keeps us busy, it distracts from the basic principles, and that’s enough. It’s a part of the dialectic process that Marx identified as important to the process of converting a relatively free and noble society into a communist one.
    Thesis; Making Cletus feel good abut his inadequate penis is seen in this country as more important than innocent lives!
    Antithesis; Nu Uh! You’re crazy!
    Synthesis; Anything that comes out of the grinding of these two narratives together is better than mentioning basic truth and principle.

    “Ignore (the truth), Distract, Derail, Demoralize, Degrade, Redirect” is another way of defining the authoritarian tactic. That’s the purpose and goal of agitation.

    The highest level Freemasons, and others, have their own, similar term for it; “Ordo Ab Chao” (Order Out of Chaos, or, From Chaos, Order). Of course it’s expressed in Latin, partly because the idea comes out of Rome, seat of the AntiChrist which claims authority over all the nations of the world.

    It’s the ultimate in arrogance. It means that this is a war, and of course the authoritarians have no compunction whatsoever against lying, cheating, stealing, threatening, assassination, mass murder and genocide, so long as it’s for The Cause of their “New World Order”. Their words, not mine, and they’ll play either side or both sides at once, so long as it’s for that Cause.

    Anyone who believes that this will ever be solved through regular political means is sadly, yet understandably, clueless.

  4. Or perhaps these remarks are just a reflection of their own insecurity regarding the size of their penises? As per VD, SJWs always lie and project??

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