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It is my firm belief that Fast and Furious was created to advance the gun-ban agenda of the Obama administration. Those in charge of it created a government-funded program to deliver thousands of guns to murderers with the sole goal of using the resulting crimes as leverage to reduce gun rights. Part of the plan was to guarantee that people were killed, and if that had to be law enforcement officers, “you have to break some eggs.” Individuals and companies would be destroyed as an integral part of the plan. 

Remember the story. Share this frightening tale of government agencies being used to advance political agendas. Consider that many of the same people are still in power, operating on their own to effect elections or push agendas. 

Imagine what the “It’s impossible to fire a federal employee” activists inside government will do under a Democratic-party controlled Congress or White House. Actually, there’s no need to imagine.  We’ve seen the depths of depravity they sink to.

Tom Gresham
September 20, 2018
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


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  1. The apologetics surrounding fast and furious defy logic. *It’s the States’ fault because there are too many different gun laws, so the feds had no choice but to sell guns to the mafia.* – *They tried to make a GPS tracker to fit in a gun, but the battery wouldn’t last very long, so they had no choice but to sell regular guns to the mafia instead.*

    No explanation presented by the party of “common sense gun safety” so far has satisfied the test of prudence or even basic human decency. I’m struggling to understand which part of this could even be considered common sense, and where the example was for safe gun handling. They armed a drug mafia with militia weapons and it lead to the murder of US LEOs as well as hundreds of Mexicans. If any of us took similar actions leading too similar results, we would rot in prison forever.

  2. “Those in charge of it created a government-funded program to deliver thousands of guns to murderers with the sole goal of using the resulting crimes as leverage to reduce gun rights.”

    No one should be shocked or surprised by this. It’s the sort of thing that’s been going on for millennia. What’s legitimately shocking is the level of ignorance regarding the common practice of such.

    I must yet again protest regarding the word choice here. A true right can be neither created nor destroyed, nor increased nor decreased. A true right can only be upheld and respected (by the law-abiding) or it can be hated and violated (by the criminal class). The right itself never changes.

    To suggest that authoritarian twits can create or destroy or increase or decrease rights is to ascribe to them an authority or a power that they simply do not and cannot possess. That in turn is to exonerate them of the very crime you’re bringing to our attention, for if they had the power to change rights, then they would be modifying said rights rather than violating them. There would be no violation if the right itself were modified.

    Using such wording as “reducing rights” is at the same time then, to acknowledge the authoritarians’ counterfeit authority as being real, and to absolve them of their crimes. Don’t!

  3. We need to find out where ISIS leaders are hiding. Therefore – by the logic of the Eric Holder Justice Department – we should mail them some crates of grenades, landmines, and AKs, and when they use their new toys to blow up US soldiers and rapemurder Yazidi women & girls, we’ll know where they’re hiding.

  4. Take a clue from a curious practice of Japanese corporations called”window sitters”. Japanese corporations will not necessarily fire inept employees but promote them to the corporate headquarters where they sit by a window all day with nothing to do. The suicide rate among this group is the highest in Japan.

    While it may be difficult to fire these rotters, reassigning them is a whole different story. “Promote” these idiots to some new impressive sounding position where they have no one reporting to them and literally have nothing to do except sit at their desk every day. There are lots of orphan agencies around DC with nothing to do. They could warehouse these clowns until they get tired of the game and leave.

      • Nice!

        For those that don’t know, Barrow Alaska is about 300 miles north of the Artic Circle. Basically, it gets dark sometimes during September and the sun comes up the next spring.

        And don’t forget that polar bears are common and are the apex predators in the neighborhood.

      • Or golf course maintenance duties in Thule. (Yes, they have a golf course.) I think that’s the northernmost town in the world.

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