Quote of the day—Reggie Reg Davis

The bullets, they do the killing, they kill. It’s up to us to figure out a way to wrap laws around the purchasing of ammunition.

Reggie Reg Davis
Wayne County Commissioner (Detroit)
September 16, 2018
Wayne County leader wants to make it harder to buy bullets

Just as “wrapping laws” around the purchase of alcohol and other recreational drugs didn’t improve society the restriction of a specific enumerated right not only won’t improve society it will be an infringement upon the natural right to defend ourselves.

People can make ammunition from scrap metal a few relatively simple tools. Just as with recreational drugs, it won’t be of the highest quality but it will be good enough to get the job done. And it this case the job will be restoring our rights.

Reggie Reg Davis, Molṑn labé.—Joe]


11 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Reggie Reg Davis

  1. Davis is simply declaring, in public and for all to see, his criminal intent. Demonstrating the means, motive, intent and some details of execution, will he be arrested for it? Not likely, being that the Fascists/authoritarians control the “justice system” also.

    Stock up on lead, and the alloying metals, tin and antimonial lead. I get below fifty pounds, it’s time to order more. If you haven’t considered making your own powder and priming compounds, at least understand how it can be done.

    Reggie Reg Davis isn’t the first authoritarian twerp to suggest restricting ammo. We already have restrictions on ammo, and from 1968 to 1986 it was even worse.

    They’ll eventually get around to some new ammunition “law” designed to further chill the exercise of this enumerated right. Conflating gun ownership with murder as if they’re the same thing, as Davis clearly demonstrates, will be the tactic. Thus you own a gun, or ammunition, and you’re guilty of murder.

    Knowing the tactic well in advance will not help us much however. Maybe that’s because they’ve corralled us into opposing them on their turf and on their terms (through the political and legal system, which they control). We appeal to their allies, to their fellow conspirators (their corrupt system), for redress of grievances rather than evoking that Higher Law as backed by that Higher Authority.

    • What about “The Freedom of the Press? The press itself isn’t what does the damage, it’s the paper and ink. Marx and Engels would have done little damage over the last 170 years if he had to make his own paper and ink. Just like in the Soviet Union copy machines were carefully monitored, so will it be again in the Union of American Socialist Republics.

  2. Fortunately, we have statewide firearms preemption in Michigan. Anything he does will be void from day one and if any agency attempts to enforce it, there will be a heck of a lawsuit.

    • I call the friendliest bullshit flag I can call. How many Michigan Firearms Freedom Act unregistered full autos and suppressors do you own?

      • Since that never passed, zero. Also, preemption cases areclost by government agencies all the time in Michigan. There is massive precedent. Do you live here too?

    • I figured it was because of the crap going on in California with ammunition sales.

      But who knows with these people?

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