Quote of the day—Douglas Fullpint

There’s no such thing as a responsible gun owner. A responsible person wouldn’t own a gun unless they were a police officer. These are little boys with tiny little members who just can’t get over the fact that they’ll never measure up.

Douglas Fullpint
Facebook comment
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

Via email from Steve O.

In order to make this claim Fullpint must have access to the mental evaluations and physical measurements of all gun owners in the world. That’s quite a data collection he must have. Or not.

Keep it up Fullpint. You almost had me convinced until I looked in the mirror.—Joe]


12 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Douglas Fullpint

  1. I visited his Facepuke page. About the only activity there is him changing his profile photo repeatedly, but if the latest one is actually a photo of himself, what a tool! Probably 3 pounds of ink used in all the tattoos. Now if you are accusing gun owners of having body awareness issues regarding their genitalia, might be interesting to reveal his own drivers behind all the gaudy body modification.

  2. Shit. Boys, he’s got us. He figured out the reason we own guns. Our deception has been revealed. Guess there’s no point in owning them anymore since everyone knows now that we don’t have huge veiny penises knocking against our knee caps. Thanks a lot, Douglas…. ruined my life.

    • I’ve often pondered the implied hypocrisy of these asshats. On the one hand, we’re as a society supposed to embrace with open arms any sexual deviant who claims Constitutional protections for the “right” to use the wrong bathroom, cross-dress, mutilate their body to align their physical form with whatever delusions they have regarding their gender, marry their gay buddy/dog/goldfish/whatever. All that crap is A-OK with the average libtard.

      But a guy that wants to buy a couple of guns? Oh – his (or apparently her) dick is too small, and is an obvious candidate for ridicule. Just shows how skin-deep all this political correctness is. Liberals are the least accepting, accommodating people (?) around – they compensate for their close-minded, racist, *-ist, tendencies by furiously virtue signalling and pointing at everyone but themselves.

      • Fat shaming, slut shaming, gay shaming, trans shaming…. All mortal sins. Man shaming and white shaming… A-Okay!

  3. What he is suffering from is called transference, its where you project your shortcomings onto others. Whenever anti gunners start talking about penises you know where the real issue lies.

  4. This info is very helpful. Now I know that I can carry inside the waist ban 12 o:clock
    without worrying about accidentally shooting off my penis.

  5. Way too many anti-gunners spending time peeping under stall doors for my liking, I tell you!

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