2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Cam Edwards @CamEdwards

  1. I think I’ll put one of these on my front door. I’d put an “Earthquake Free Zone” one there, instead, but I don’t know what a good image would be. For the Hurricane one, my Leftist brothers, who have children, will definitely be jealous. Early in President Obama’s reign*, I had thought of printing a lot of cheap George Bush posters with “Emmanuel Goldberg” printed on them as a caption, but I suspect the Occupy and the Antifa crowd would have that go over their heads so far not only wouldn’t it muss their hair, they wouldn’t feel the wind at all.

    *There’s that lack of a sarcasm font again.

    • We have Tsunami Zone signs around, I could imitate those. Maybe no image is necessary. Definitely cheaper than insurance. 😉

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