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Do you sell plan for a plastic dick too? Because all you gun nutters are compensating for something. We all know.

Mr. T‏ @MrT_runner
Tweeted on August 28, 2018
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

Via a tweet from Jonathan @CorrelA_B.

It’s very clear what these anti-gun people use as criteria for knowledge is not related to that which the normal population uses. For other examples see here and here.—Joe]


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  1. When shooting at distant targets, one should compensate for wind, so in that sense he’s correct that we’re compensating for something.

    ETA: I know that there are other variables for which a shooter should compensate, but I’ve never had to take a shot beyond 300 meters (US Army M16 qualification tables).

    • We’re also compensating for the fact that we can’t throw small projectiles at 1,000 to 3,000 feet per second, nor hit targets at 800 yards, using our bare hands.

  2. It is now possible to 3D print with living tissue. Perhaps these jokers could print themselves a couple of brains?

  3. all you gun nutters”

    That could be included in a dictionary as an example under the entry, “Bigotry”.

    “We all know.”

    We ALL know, do we? Who is meant by “We”? Define “all”. Clearly I am not among “We”, nor am I one of the “all”.

    I learned this in high school in the 1970s, finishing my high school credit requirements while going to college in another town. Since I was at the high school only part of each day, I once missed a “mandatory” high school meeting, having learned about it only afterwards.

    “Everyone knew about it”, I was later told, in blatant contravention of the very fact at hand.

    Apparently, there are varying definitions of “everyone” and of “we all”. In today’s example, “we all” refers to a minuscule clique of lower-ranking, anti-American leftist agitators, just as, in high school, “everyone” meant “that clique within the student body which a subset of the administration feels is representative of the entire student body”. You tell a few of a meeting, and “everyone” knows.

    Yes; I learned these things very well, more than forty years ago, and those people around me were very insistent about demonstrating their logical disconnects and contradictions back then, just as they are today. However, I’ve never understood why it was so important to people that I be made so clearly aware of their failings in logic.

    Maybe it’s a cry for help, in which case I have failed a lot of people (many of whom held title, or were much older, or had supposed authority over me), being that I could think of nothing to do for them and, dismissed them.

    As usual, the Bible addresses this very conundrum. Repeatedly it says, in essence, “come out and be separate”. Come out of Babylon, come out of Egypt, etc. And I like this one very much;

    “Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them.”

    So no; we can’t “all” “just get along”. That’s not how this works.

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