Quote of the day—Stephen Jordan

Because a gun symbolizes a part of the male anatomy (the bigger the better!) and firing a gun emulates an ejaculation. That’s why.

Stephen Jordan
August 21, 2018
Comment to I Would Still Like To Know Why Gun Owners Love Their Guns.
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

One has to wonder if that answer is because of peer reviewed research or direct personal knowledge. It has to be direct personal knowledge because all the survey results I have seen, which ask why people own guns, come up with “personal protection”, “recreation”, and “hunting” in the top places.

Via email from Weer’d Beard.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Stephen Jordan

  1. And what does it mean when I own dozens of pocket sized .22s, .25s, a 9×18, .38, .357, and even a tiny .45?

    Of course I ask with great irony, as I know that people like this only speak as such in echo chambers, and NEVER support their views.

  2. There is so much going on in public discourse that should be replied to with, “There are astonishing things happening exclusively within your skull.”

    • Would it were exclusive. Unfortunately these astonishing things happen inside a rather large number of skulls, and they seem to spread like virulent disease.

  3. Additionally, “Mikethegunguy” is one of the most dishonest POS on the internet.

  4. Either Dr. Freud himself, or Rudyard Kipling, said that sometimes a cigar is just a good smoke [and not a phallic symbol].
    Apparently Mr. Jordan hasn’t gotten that memo, and thinks he’s performing homoerotic activities when he smokes his medicinal marijuana.

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