Quote of the day—Mark Brockway

So much ado about nothing. People have been making guns since the founding of our nation. As far as these files go, they are already out there and anyone can get them. Criminals don’t make crappy ass plastic guns, they simply buy quality firearms from the black market or steal them. More political grandstanding by Ferguson to make his sheep feel safe. The only way you’ll ever be safe is if you take some personal responsibility and learn self defense by the method of your choosing (martial arts, knife, firearms or all the above). Practice self awareness and get training. The police and government are under no legal obligation to protect you. Stop being a victim and take control of your life.

Mark Brockway
August 16, 2018
Comment to Seattle judge blocks publication of 3D-printed gun design
[I would like to make a minor correction. People were making guns long before the founding of our nation. Other than that, Brockway has it right.—Joe]