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When this happened I instantly felt something was not right about the botched robbery theory. Within a 72 hour period it hit me that it was a hit. It was during election season and a Democrat (dnc) employee’s murder was in the news and this blew me away. NOT ONE, DAMN THEM TO HELL, DEMOCRAT MENTIONED HOW SETH’S MURDER IS MORE PROOF OF WHY WE NEED GUN CONTROL. Nope all I saw was a couple of them lift the rug and a few others pushing the broom, nothing to see here, move along these aren’t the droids your looking for . These people never miss an opportunity for situation exploitation unless it risks self incrimination. Donna Brazile knows.

August 6, 2018
Seth Rich and what got my attention about his murder.
[While I agree there were some odd things about the murder I’m not sure this particular point is all that strong.

It’s interesting to read the comments. The conspiracy theory is in full bloom here.

Something I have recently observed is that high IQ people don’t necessarily follow the data to the truth. But they definitely are more skilled at rationalizing the data to fit their prior conclusions. I suspect this may be a case in point.—Joe]


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  1. Not to push the conspiracy theory on Rich’s murder, but so much about that case doesn’t ring true as far as what is/was known (before the local popo decided it was just another mugging gone wrong). Personally I think the guy committed suicide – the same way Vince Foster committed suicide…

  2. Data;

    Allegiance carries more weight than intelligence.

    Once we discover that we’ve all been lied to by those claiming to be acting in our interest, it becomes difficult to believe anything.

    Combine the above with a daily helping of distractions, and the truth will be the last place we’ll ever look.

    And so it is that the truth is a “conspiracy theory”.

    There are no more any such things as actual conspiracies (“conspiracy fact”). That would blow the whole system.

    Thus, if its a conspiracy, it isn’t happening, and you’re crazy to believe it’s happening. Shut up, idiot. No two or more people ever work together surreptitiously anymore, for nefarious purposes. There is no organized crime because that would be a “conspiracy” and conspiracies are only crazy theory. There is no coordination among media outlets and politicals to control narrative, there is no organized opposition to the American founding principles because that would be conspiracy, all conspiracy is theory, and all theory is made-up by paranoid people.

    Pipe down, relax, enjoy your shoes, go back to sleep. No one is out to get your guns, there are no taxes, and of course there is no such thing as coercive redistribution because, duh, no one is working in concert with others to make those things happen.

    Your theories are the only thing you have to worry about. Maybe you need to check in to a mental clinic so they (oops, I mean “he” or “she” – no two or more people ever work together) can help you.

  3. I was in a rush when I posted this and didn’t make myself clear. Paranoid people can find “evidence” to support their belief others are “out to get them” in the most innocent or coincidental things. They can be extremely creative in converting things of no consequence into “proof”. And what I think of as a “conspiracy theorist” is one who does this in a slightly different domain.

    In the case of Seth Rich I think the hypothesis that he was murdered by the DNC/Clintons/someone-other-than-a-mugger is plausible. I haven’t seen information that would lead me to discard that hypothesis. But I haven’t seen evidence that comes close to convincing me the hypothesis is true either.

    What I see in the quote I posted above and in the comments I read looks to me like the work of well practiced “conspiracy theorists”. Nothing really convincing, just “interesting”.

    • If I were writing an argument for some sort of conspiracy murder, this is the argument I would put last, that is, the weakest one, just before I summarize all the stronger arguments.

  4. Well, it certainly seems pretty shady that the police immediately jumped on ‘mugger’ as an explanation for an ambush murder in which no valuables were taken. There is a damn good reason the conspiracy theorists have gotten so much traction on this one (especially when you consider all those other tragic acts of ‘random’ death that just happened to get rid of people who were inconvenient to the Clintons).

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