Quote of the day—Ladd Everitt (@LaddEveritt)

Says the d**kless loser who needs a gun to feel like a man. No one is afraid of you. We’re going THROUGH you to save lives.

Ladd Everitt (@LaddEveritt)
Director at @1Pulse4America
Ex-@CSGV comms director (2006-2016)
Tweeted July 29, 2018
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

Way to stay classy Ladd. You are really showing your intellect. I’ll bet you get a lots of new converts to your cause with that line of reasoning.—Joe]


11 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Ladd Everitt (@LaddEveritt)

  1. That’s pretty incredible – as you said, I’m sure that little outburst is going to sit well with the funding moguls behind all those little Astroturf’d “gunsense” movements. Suppose he got any calls from Nick Hanauer or Paul Allen over the weekend?

  2. It’s an excellent example of the standard progression of authoritarianism;

    “Says the d**kless loser who needs a gun to feel like a man.”

    Contempt, born of insecurity and envy, followed by;

    “No one is afraid of you.”

    Dismissal, followed by the coup de grâce;

    “We’re going THROUGH you…”

    Violence, backed up by;

    “…to save lives”

    A tactically promoted delusion.

    It’s really quite brilliantly concise.

    In this case “saving lives” is the “pie in the sky” so to speak. Some “pie in the sky” is always present, whether it be a junior high school-level, start-up street gang or an international socialist movement, and it’s always a lie. It says, in essence, “Follow me and my revolution, and although unpleasant it will be exciting and ’empowering’ and eventually lead to a collective nirvana (always with the implication that, ‘it’ll totally happen after we’ve robbed and killed enough heretics’)”.

    To the authoritarian mind, perfection (prosperity, peace, love, harmony) on Earth is always just one more wave of political executions away. Always has been, always will be.

    • We must be debased, and the most debasing thing the Herodian mind (also the mind of Cain) can think of, apparently, is an accusation of sexual dysfunction.

      Naver mind that many of us are fathers. Fathers are another group that must be debased and demoralized, and you have to say; they’ve done a pretty good job so far. Why quit now?

  3. I’ll bet you get a lots of new converts to your cause with that line of reasoning.

    Sadly, he probably will.

    (I miss being able to edit comments for a bit…)

    • On the comment editing… Odd that it isn’t working for you. I just tried it and it appears to be working for me.

      • I have a javascript blocker and posting the comment works fine with just joehuffman.org allowed. I’m trying to allow some other sites now…

  4. narcissistic rage. All I see is that guy getting REALLY under Ladd’s Skin.

    Nothing pisses off a weakling more than when you call their bluff, and really they’re all total loners.

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