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That pile of cash is the Venezuelan equivalent of one US dollar. Behold the power of socialism.


Cam Edwards @CamEdwards
Tweeted on July 23, 2018
[The destructive power of socialism is absolutely amazing. No other political system has been so well tested and proven again and again to be such a threat to property and lives. Only an “intellectual”, completely out of touch with reality, could honestly advocate it as an improvement in the living conditions for the majority of the people.—Joe]


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  1. I do like how they included a Federal Reserve Note for $1 in order to make that pile equal a single US dollar.

  2. Well, yes, but at the same time pretty ironic given the fact that Trump is being a socialist by waging a trade war in the first place (using the power of the government to attempt to alter the path of the economy), and now bailing out farmers with taxpayer dollars. I’m not arguing for pure socialism, mind you, but let’s be honest here, it’s not like the U.S. is a purely capitalist economy either.

  3. Comparing the U.S. to Venezuela is like comparing a stage three cancer patient to a stage four cancer patient.

    “The destructive power of socialism is absolutely amazing.”

    Yes, and that is precisely why it is so popular.

    To then go on to say that one must be “out of touch with reality” before one can advocate for socialism, is to miss the point entirely.

    Have we not been through all of this?

    No, Young Grasshopper; socialism (or any other form of authoritarianism) is popular precisely because it is a system of coercion, and precisely because it is destructive.

    A person driven by pride, envy, lust, avarice and hate will thus naturally gravitate toward advocacy of coercion. He’s not out of touch at all. Just evil. He may understand things better than you, and his great advantage is that you don’t understand evil at all.

    Now if you want to get into a philosophical/religious/spiritual discussion, if you’re saying that it is “stupid” or “out of touch” to be evil, well; that’s a whole different conversation. The fact of being destructive and deadly does not mean that socialism is stupid. It only means that it is destructive and deadly. Socialism works every time and everywhere it’s tried. Don’t ever be fooled into believing otherwise.

    If your thesis is that “destructive and deadly” means “out of touch” I may be inclined to agree with you, but you’ll have a hard time convincing those who profit from a coercion-based system that it is evil and that it must be abandoned on that basis alone.

    You’ll also have to answer the follow-up question of, “So what if it’s evil if I’m getting rich and powerful out of it? Isn’t it better to be getting, than to be getting got?”

    Add the above to the fact that all authoritarian doctrines tell us that the human race is a cancer which threatens the “delicate balance” of life on Earth, and presto; mass destruction and mass death aren’t bad things at all. They’re features, which add to the joy of the wealth and power which come from wholesale coercion as public policy.

    So please explain; what parts of that aren’t you yet grasping? You repeatedly accuse authoritarianism, which is gaining ground and already controls most of the material wealth and most of the narrative on the planet, of being feeble-minded. If it’s so stupid then why does it control virtually all of the media, education, energy & transportation infrastructure, food production, et al, and all the purse strings, to say nothing of claiming ownership of more than half of the land in your home state?

      • I posted a quote of Joe’s at the beginning, and responded to it. Thus it is addressed to Joe, but in a general sense to everyone. We continually insult and deride the left, and in so doing we miss the point— They rule the temporal world, and we all support them, so how “stupid” or “foolish” or “misguided”, etc., can they be?

        We confuse their public assertions, which are lies, with their beliefs and intents. The lies, like all lies, are just for cover. The smokescreen. Actual intent is revealed in the actions. When socialism, or anything like it, results in destruction, over and over, and they keep calling for more, we see the intent. Simple as that.

        If someone rams his car into yours, he may have a very plausible excuse, but if he rams your car over and over and over again, after your protests and admonitions, well then? Are you going to assume that he’s merely a poor driver and are you going to make fun of him for being an idiot, or is he out to get you in which case you’d better be able to respond accordingly? I say it’s pretty obvious, no matter what excuses or good intents he asserts.

        We’re apparently not willing (or able?) to see evil as evil, or to see that evil can and does have great intelligence behind it, and so it begs the question; are we also then unable (or unwilling?) to see good as good? I have repeatedly stated that I’d prefer a simple-minded, good person to an evil genius (both in fact exist).

        Or are we confused into believing that “good” is synonymous with “intelligent” and “evil” with “stupidity”? We can certainly debate that, but let’s be clear with one another as to our beliefs and assumptions first.

        Are we too caught up in the distraction-theater to see the all-out war that’s raging around us? If we’re insulting the characters in that theater, and not addressing the intent of the authors, producers and directors, and the investors, then the answer would seem to be “yes”. This is serious business, and we’d best get a grasp of it.

        • The Left, which has always believed that “Education”* was the way to freedom and prosperity, has always conflated “intelligent” with “good” and “ignorance” with “evil” (maybe not stupidity, but certainly ignorance.).

          *We now know what manner of indoctrination they mean when they say “Education.”

  4. I have a 13 million Deutchmark note from 1922, and a five billion unit Zimbabwe note from recently. The Venezuelan currency is called the Bolivar, and since 2008, it’s been the Bolivar Fuerte, for “Strong Bolviar” (typical totalitarian naming convention there). That’s been changed again, after further inflation, so they’re lopping off some zeros and in August will come out with the “bolívar soberano ” (“sovereign bolívar”; sign: Bs.
    For once some truth in advertising.
    I have to see if I can find a 100,000 Bolivar note to further the collection.

  5. Makes me think of the wheel barrow of marks to buy a loaf of bread in the Weimar Republic. We all know what came out of that mess.

    I wish we could snap our fingers and deport the socialists and communists to Venezuela for a taste of what they wish to inflict on us.

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