Quote of the day—Larry Correia

If you guys come up with a plan to dissolve this marriage through an amicable divorce rather than a murder-suicide, I’m all in.

Larry Correia
July 11, 2018
Facebook post regarding the political left advocating for a civil war.
[I’d give serious consideration to a “divorce” but as of now I’m not seeing the amicable path.—Joe]


8 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Larry Correia

  1. “And it’s stupid for the left to pick a real fight with the side that has the vast majority of the guns and vets, and who live in the parts where the water, food, and electricity come from. ”

    I bring up those very relevant facts fairly often, but I don’t see that there is muc appreciation for them from either side.

  2. Why does the Left think they’d get to keep any territory, or remain here, after a civil war of the kind they describe? Assuming they were still alive, of course.

    There’s lotsa room in Venezuela for refugees, and Cuba isn’t too far away, either.

  3. The vast majority on ‘the left’ are idiots. They actually believe that socialism/communism will work if “we only give it a chance” while
    WILLFULLY ignoring ALL the many failures of the past where it was
    tried INCLUDING current Venezuela. And the left are not and never
    will be amenable to a peaceful parting of ways. Because the left
    wants to control…..EVERYONE and EVERYTHING. To believe that
    the current situation can end in ANY fashion other than violence is
    being delusional. The left refuses to ever give up on their quest for
    complete control. That means either the conservative right rolls over,
    admits defeat and suffers massive casualties (remember, it was Obama
    mentor Weatherman terrorist Bill Ayers who openly admitted at least
    10% of America would have to be ELIMINATED due to being ineducable
    and not amenable to their brainwashing)…..or we kill all the lefty commies
    and rebuild the country they have nearly destroyed. There really is no
    viable third choice on this issue.

    • It may not be viable but I would prefer the U.S. Constitution be respected and then we could just ignore the whining by the leftists until they break the law. Then prosecute them and sent them to prison or give them a one way ticket to their socialist country of choice.

      • I too would like to see the US Constitution obeyed, but history clearly shows that those required to do the obeying haven’t taken their oaths seriously from the moment the ink dried on that document. The situation was bad enough that St. George Tucker could fill a book about the issue as early as 1803, and ever since things have only gotten worse. Wilson, FDR, and Obama were merely a couple more recent mass offenders in a long list of perpetrators.

  4. They can leave any time they want. Venezuela and Cuba could use more leftists.

  5. No matter who wins a civil war wrecks the country, including our part. I am with Correia.

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