Boomershoot 101

This last weekend I put on a trial class I called Boomershoot 101: Target Production, High Intensity, and Intro to Long Range.

The students made the reactive targets from basic chemicals (photos by Brian, Chris, and Kim):




They learned safe gun handling and how to shoot an AR-15:



They distributed targets:


They had their own High Intensity event:




They learned the basics of long range shooting (and several claimed they could never hit anything that far away):




They all connected with 7” targets (and some with 4” targets) at 373 yards. And we have the smiles to prove it:


We all learned a lot. I will modify the class with what I learned for the next set of students. And before long I will subject this set of students to Boomershoot 102: Long Range Math.

5 thoughts on “Boomershoot 101

  1. I would be interested in any class outlines. I’ve considered doing such a course here.

    • I’d be glad to share, but it’s heavy on the use of exploding targets. Does that fit in with your environment?

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  3. Nice!
    Also it’s much more worth the investment– You don’t learn anything at Disneyland. At Disneyland they’re showing you, “Look at the awesome stuff we can do!” whereas at Boomershoot you’re being shown, “Look at the awesome stuff you can do!”

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