Quote of the day—Bill Hamilton

The thrill of target shooting an assault weapon is no justification for allowing these weapons of mass destruction. At a minimum, individuals who possess them should be registered, licensed and taxed. Until that time, their sales should be banned.

Bill Hamilton
July 5, 2018
Kittery Trading Post should engage with community about guns
[The Second Amendment isn’t about “the thrill of target shooting”. It’s about defense against a tyrannical government. Which means that in order to be useful they must, at a minimum, be untraceable and unknown to any government entity.

Hamilton has crap for brains and/or is an activist for the enemies of freedom.—Joe]


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  1. “Weapons of mass destruction” I don’t think they know what that means.
    Or they just think it adds power to a rather poor argument.

    • Well…they do also keep saying that our small arms are no match for government tanks and planes. Now they’re saying our small arms are in the same class as atomic bombs!

      Of course that’s all entirely beside the point. The point is we have an inherent right to keep and bear arms, and it’s a crime to conspire against the exercise of that right.

      I don’t really care what they say. They can call our small arms pathetic and ineffectual, or they can call them WMDs, as they’re dragged off to prison for Conspiracy To Deprive Rights.

        • The law allows for the death penalty if said deprivation of rights results in death. That, of course, happens regularly, in a general sense, but there are a few cases in which someone died so directly as a result of violations of the second amendment that there would be cause for the death penalty.

          Those cases would be relatively rare, but far from non-existent. They would require a very high standard of proof. That’s the sentencing issue. On the other hand, all that would be required for a conviction under 18 USC 241 or 18 USC 242 would be proof of intent to infringe, and that’s a VERY low bar– Many politicians, judges, and cops, et al, are already provably guilty of that.

    • Well, Nancy Pelosi described the tax bill as doing “violence against the vision of the founders” by allowing us to keep more of our money, and I keep reading these desperate, panicked outcries online from people who equate which bathroom they’re allowed to use with a credible threat against their life, so I’m pretty sure a weapon to them is anything they don’t agree with. A WMD is just something they REALLY disagree with.

    • I declare income taxes, property taxes, and sales taxes to be weapons of mass destruction.

  2. All readers here should respond to this guys nonsense. Unfortunately, this type of thinking is what’s considered “reasonable” in the Northeast.

    • Couldn’t find a way to leave a comment.

      I’m sure the trading Post would gladly see Bill Hamilton’s $500 disappear compared to the 5-6 figure losses they would incur in turning against the gun owning community by insinuating that lawfully purchased firearms are the cause of violence. In fact I expect Bill’s letter just netted them greater than $500 in advertising benefit.

  3. The sad and bloody history of Mankind is the history of people trying to upstage and replace, or deny, the Ten Commandments.

  4. OOH an atomic powered AR, might be a bit heavy, but I want one!

  5. I might be more open to this suggestion if licensure, registration, and taxation of vehicles and drivers prevented the Oklahoma City bombing, Karrada market bombing, the Nice truck ramming attack, etc. But, as we are constantly reminded by the *woke* left, the definition of insanity is repeating the same behavior expecting a different result.

    • I try to stay away from that kind of reasoning. The trouble with it: it endorses the notion that the criminal acts of some other person justify restricting the actions of me and other law abiding citizens. That is collectivist nonsense. Criminal acts justify reaction against the criminals, and against no others.

  6. I’ll just attack the pathetic use of “assault weapon” which is a meaningless term invented to demonize scary looking firearms. The definition has been so flaccid and malleable that it could apply to a ton of firearms, depending on the evil intent of the government official in charge.

    So, Bill Hamilton wants to register, license, tax, and then ban these “unicorn” firearms. His uninformed and unconstitutional suggestions should be dismissed outright for their sheer stupidity.

    Does he know that he is this ignorant? He should curl up into a ball of shame.

  7. The thrill of target shooting is not the purpose of these rifles. Target shooting is to increase familiarity and skill with the rifle so that it may be more efficiently employed for its intended purpose should the need arise. If he does not understand this, he understands nothing.

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  9. This rag is published near me. Portsmouth is as silly as they come in NH. It seems there’s a protest every other weekend over something stupid. The funny thing is, when my son walks around the city with his MAGA hat, he gets tons of compliments. The liberals don’t own Portsmouth quite as much as they think they do.

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