Quote of the day—Josh Horwitz

Anthony Kennedy is retiring. Those four words could set the gun violence prevention movement back forty years.

In the past week, we’ve seen how devastatingly influential the Supreme Court can be to social justice in this country. With the news yesterday, it could get a whole lot worse.

A “guns everywhere” society.

Josh Horwitz
Executive Director
Coalition to Stop Gun Violence
June 28, 2018
[Via email.

A “guns everywhere society”? Like everywhere someone might need to defend themselves or other innocent people from predators? Sure, what’s the problem with that?

And since Horwitz wants to prevent gun violence instead of punish people who commit crimes with guns I hope his movement is set back, not just 40 years but, to sometime approaching the beginning of time. I know that is a bit too much to hope for. I’d settle for something like 10,000 years. That’s a reasonable compromise, right?—Joe]


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  1. I take the ‘Conan’ approach to reasonably compromising with gun-grabbers.

  2. I still have my doubts that we’ll see a huge sea change in rolling back 2A infringements, but when I see the rabid anti-gunners ampping up their symptoms of Trump Derangement Syndrome, it really does give me hope to see the beginning of some wins for our side. First off, gutting of most of California’s onerous gun laws, with the added benefit of negating similar crap wherever it’s been instituted.

  3. A “guns everywhere” society? Good, bad or indifferent? Of course it would depend on the use for which those guns are kept, wouldn’t it?

    As always; the leftist (Roman, Egyptian, Babylonian)(Herodian) position, which is of the mind of Cain, is that people are bad. If people are bad, then they must be kept down, prevented from acting out on their bad tendencies. That’s the leftist mindset. You’ve been indicted and found wanting. Liberty then, is bad, “rights” being nothing but an obstruction to doing what must be done to keep the people down (the Bill of Rights being a “Charter of Negative Rights” as Obama put it so eloquently).

    It’s a pretty sickening world view. But that’s if you take their rhetoric at face value.

    In fact it’s even worse– They simply want the power of universal coercion. Maligning and impugning the character of Humanity is just the excuse to back up that desire for unbridled power. All criminals do that. The rapist says “the bitch was asking for it”, etc., etc., ad infinitum. There’s no end to the chain of excuses, justifications and rationalizations for the application of coercion. We’re even invited to believe that it’s good and wonderful, even beautiful.

  4. “Guns everywhere society”?

    Hate to break it to ya Josh, but we’re already there. Sometimes, it terrible, as in high-crime districts and poor areas of major cities. Sometimes, it’s damned comforting, as in areas where you’re allowed to shoot back.

  5. I still Ruth BG will be gone soon, feet-first, impeached, or medically retired. Breyer is old – 79. Sotomayor is diabetic and in poor health. Roberts is wishywashy and compromised, likely to retire soon. Before the end of Trump’s second term I expect Thomas to step down in order to allow a younger conservative in his mold step in.
    Kagan and Alito are likely to be the only current SC justices still on the bench in 2024. Not sure if seven appointments is a record, but it would be impressive, and reshape the court for decades.

  6. How many did George Washington appoint? Apparently the court was 6 justices back then, but if there were any vacancies later during his two terms he may have reached (or passed) seven.

  7. Considering [gun] violence levels, it would be a greater improvement if Kennedy’s replacement sent gun/self-defense back sixty years.

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