Quote of the day—Alan Korwin

No one in mass media is talking about murder and murderers. Watch. They’re only talking about shooting and shooters. By itself, shooters and shooting is not anything bad—and they know that. Being a shooter and shooting is what good Americans do all the time.

Murder is ugly, too ugly to bear. Murderers are horrible, to be rejected outright by society. No glory in being a murderer. Especially no prize for being a mass murderer. So the media avoids it, and in their conspicuous campaign against private arms, they avoid dealing with the murder angle.

The media are leading the nation down a path of perdition, turning shooters and shooting—people and activities with wonderful, excellent attributes—into targets for fear, loathing and legislative assault. And they’re good at it.

Alan Korwin
February 26, 2018
The Problem Isn’t the Shootings. It’s the murders.
[Interesting point.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Alan Korwin

  1. “Interesting point.”

    The Whole Point I’d say. Good (liberty, confidence, strength, charity and responsibility) is evil, and evil (coercion, fear, weakness, central planning and dependency) is good.

  2. Like Lyle said, it’s the Whole Point.

    The Left doesn’t want it to be about murder and murderers. Those are easy enough to eliminate from society; the laws are in place, and they could take action at any time.

    But make it about shooting and shooters (read: make it about law-abiding Americans engaging in a lawful and safe activity) being the problem, and downplay the responsible exercise of fundamental Constitutionally-protected rights as a “hobby”, and suddenly law-abiding freedom-loving Americans are the bad guys, and anyone who defends the “hobby” in the face of dead children becomes pure evil.

    I’m a shooter, as is anyone who regularly fires guns. Heck, using physics terms, since both the bullets and targets have physical substance (i.e. “mass”), in a strictly literal sense I’m a “mass shooter” (and so are all the physicists running particle accelerators or colliders at universities — “mass shooter on campus”, anyone?).

    But I am not a murderer, and I deeply resent the media and the Left (but I repeat myself) misusing the English language to conflate my lawful activities with some of the most heinous crimes on record.

    Tar. Feathers. Some assembly required.

  3. Some years back, on a different blog, a commenter who called himself Egregious Charles pointed out that whenever the media used a term for something bad, it used a term that included straight white Christian males. Terrorism was blamed on religious fundamentalists, not Islamic fundamentalists. Ice-age megafauna extinctions? The fault of early man.
    If it is something considered a “good thing”, it doesn’t work the other way. Aboriginal rock art is still aboriginal rock art, no matter the continent.
    And this is another example. The term they use is one that includes straight white Christian males who have not murdered anyone.

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