Another ASI match

Last Saturday Ry and I went to an ASI match at the Renton Fish and Game Club. This was my third and Ry’s first match of this type. We were not happy with a few safety issues that happened with our RSO officers. There was no one in real danger but some rules were broken and contrary to every other match I have been to they blew me off (in a friendly manner) when I gently pointed out one of them.

The match itself was good. The stages were interesting enough yet simple such that beginners wouldn’t have a problem with them. I came in 10th out of 65. If I hadn’t just barely nicked a no shoot target I would have came in 6th. And it annoys me they assigned the penalty as a procedural on a different stage (no difference in my final score). And they also misspelled my name. But that’s minor stuff.

I wouldn’t bothered with making a video but I had invited my team at work to watch and/or participate at the match and Caity told me that she and Kelsey were going to some sort of women’s conference. I joked that the match would be more fun. She joked back that she would take pictures and we could compare on Monday. So… I had to make a video:

Shooter POV Action Shooting International Match from Joe Huffman on Vimeo.

Caity took one boring picture. I won.


4 thoughts on “Another ASI match

  1. If the no-shoot targets didn’t want to get shot, they should have followed Duterte’s advice about not allowing themselves to get kidnapped.

  2. I would not be amused by safety rules being blown off. Maybe some leeway for new shooters vs. a complete disqualification, but not without specific correction of the new shooter.

    But then, I spent a lot of time as a USPSA/NROI CRO.

  3. That looks fun. Like something my 20 yr old self would have invented. My 55 yr old self would still enjoy that. We don’t have that in my neck of the woods. Oddly enough I live in the high plains. Flyover country. Where it seems it would be natural. No local indoor ranges within 100 miles. The closest outdoor ranges don’t allow fast shooting. Admission. My local range has a falling plate range of which I had not partaken as I had let my NRA membership lapse because, muh reasons. I fixed that. I will fix the other reasons.

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