Quote of the day—Don Brown

Frigus manus a mortuis

Don Brown
June 10, 2018
Comment to Group approves wording for proposed gun control measure in Oregon
[I suspected what this might mean, but I had to get it translated to make sure.

I’m not particularly fond of this sentiment in its original form but saying it in Latin gives it a bit of new life. I have been using a reversal of this phrase (see the third paragraph) for more than a decade now and think it is far more appropriate.—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Don Brown

  1. Some serious grammatical butchery there. E manibus frigidis mortuis seems more accurate.
    For your variant, I’d make it per tuos manuus frigidas mortuas.

  2. Sorry; I still can’t get that image out of my head, of Charlton Heston holding up his twenty-thousand-dollar flintlock long rifle while saying that in English. And of course the cameramen in the front row were all primed and ready for it.

    For me it epitomizes the disingenuousness, the willful inability to grasp the simplest concepts, and the theatrical absurdity, the reliance on image consultants, hairspray, makeup artists, the rehearsed timing, body language and camera angles, that pathological mindset which believes emotional theater to be more “real” than reality itself. It’s so deeply implanted, so metastasized throughout institutions like our universities, the NRA, the media and the political parties that it may be impossible separate from them.

  3. Those are so-called “assault weapons” and don’t forget it. Learn something!

    • No, it is not time to evac. It is time to take back. We’re making some movement in CA. The latest primary election results show this. We live in interesting times, more people are getting involved. This is good not only for a particular state but the entire country for it was apathy among the people that allowed us to get here in the first place.

      • Fascinating. I think there is another blog post today that addresses the inability to perceive and interpret reality correctly.

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