Quote of the day—John Robb

These networks don’t rely on government bureaucracies to coerce people.   They coerce bureaucracies.

Moreover, they are more effective than bureaucracies in the elements of power that matter.

They are capable of spying on more people than the East German secret police and they can stifle free speech without recourse to a gulag. 

They don’t have any need for state produced propaganda or the media to control the narrative.  They can produce a blinding blizzard of spin that can overwhelm official narratives.

John Robb
May 24, 2018
21st Century Authoritarianism
[There seems to be a fair amount of support for this hypothesis.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—John Robb

  1. Pravda never worked to promote Soviet propaganda. People in Russia read the back page first, to find out what the real news might be, or they knew that if someone wasn’t in a picture any more, they were in a gulag. Social network tools like Twitter, FB, google, etc., will work the same way eventually, and be recognized as entertainment rather than information.

    Most “news” isn’t new, isn’t accurate, isn’t necessary, and has little effect.
    The narrative only matters if you are a follower of the storyteller.

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