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The Associated Press and MTV, for example, teamed up this year to measure the “Youth Political Pulse,” with surveys conducted from late February to early March (when the news cycle was focused on the terrible crime at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School) and again from late April to early May. Between the survey periods, the percentage of respondents aged 15 to 34 who identified firearm-related issues as their highest concern for the country fell 15 points, from 21% to 6%. During the earlier survey period, the gun issue was the highest concern. In the latter period, it was tied for the sixth most common response, behind the economy, social inequality, and even threat of nuclear war.

June 1, 2018
Bedrock American Values Prove Stubbornly Resistant to Gun Control Opportunism
[The take away I have from this is to not get discouraged. Keep up the fight. Wear your gun logo clothing in public. Keep taking new shooters to the range. Keep sending money to gun rights organizations. Keep sending letters to your legislators.—Joe]


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  1. Why the FUCK are 34 year olds included in a “youth” survey? Were the participants made up of Obama’s health care pajama boys?

    There is a creeping infantilization in our culture that I do not like.

    • Well, of course. The left needs dependent people. Adults who can stand on their own two legs are not helpful to their cause of controlling things.

  2. Joe, thank you for your blog. I’ve made my way back to 2011 at this point. It is interesting to read the postings from that far back as it often matches exactly the same things that are being said today.

    I follow gunfreezone.net and one day I was reading your old postings and switched to today’s post and had to double check to see if I was in 2013 or 2018.

    Good luck and thank you again.

    Oh, these sorts of posts are scattered throughout your older postings as this is a very consistent observation.

  3. Just this past weekend,our gun range hosted a one hour shooting session for a group of 10 adolescent young ladies as part of the events for a 13 year old girls birthday party. Seven out of ten attended,the other 3 not being permitted because ,like,guns are bad and stuff and their parents disapproved. However we volunteered as range officers and instructed the ladies how to properly handle a 22 cal. rifle .All in all the results were all positive and the girls were enthusiastic to continue shooting sports. Being as we are Canadians,a 70 percent response is encouraging. My grandchildren are also attending junior shooting sessions and loving the experience.

    • I was on a Canadian gun range (Pemberton Wildlife Association) on Sunday. I was teaching a guy who lives in BC and his friend from the UK the joys of steel matches.

      We only left because “the women” would be getting irritated we were gone so long. They had a really good time.

  4. This is bad news for the anti-American, anti-Judaeo-Christian agitators. It means they’ll have to step up their lying and their cultural manipulation (more lying) efforts to a new level.

    Look for the crazy to get crazier. Ordo ab Chao‘s first requirement is chaos, so they’ll make it any way they can. There are many ways.

    • I think this is a direct result of them overplaying their hand – a rebound effect of a bunch of snot nosed little brats rubbing their perceived wisdom into our faces. Any further antics on their part only pushes people further away from them.

      I looked on the March for our lives website and their own stated platform is so extreme (calling for gun registries and “buy back” programs) that even Feinstein chose to abandon her statements along those lines during her frenzied prohibitionist activities following Sandy Hook.

      Their sickening, entitled attitude is apparent in the recent statement made by that bald little shitbag Florida girl, that politicians unsupportive of a firearm prohibition would risk looking as if they’re “going against kids.” Thankfully Americans are becoming righteously disgusted by this princess shit and are now coming to their senses.

      • Thesis; outlaw and confiscate— All gun owners are guilty of murder!
        Antithesis; The hell, you say! That’s crazy! That’s extreme!
        Synthesis; OK, sorry. You’re right…we’ll meet in the middle somewhere. (“Whew!” say the gun owners, “That was close!”)

        All three (the thesis, the antithesis and the synthesis) are made up and promoted by the same, evil forces. AND it works, eventually, every time. Taking any of the three positions, either directly, or inadvertently by insinuation and/or through group allegiance (“our team verses their team”), is to fall for the trap. Both teams play for the same league, and the outcome, that small victory (the synthesis), is determined well in advance of the extreme crazy thesis.

        Lather, rinse, repeat; this is the definition of Progressivism, which, in it’s modern form I will trace back to the ancient Romans, who, failing to eliminate Christians by outright murder, “adopted” Christianity in the same way the Democratic Party “adopted” the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s; so as to kill by corruption. Precipitous violence or slow, incremental rot; pick your poison. One way works in some situations and the other way in others. Whatever it takes. Better yet, when we play along, then we’ve participated in our own destruction while acknowledging the authority of our destroyers, and what a grand, deliciously evil play that is!

        And so, even the obvious, extreme, “stupid” assertions, which are soundly rejected today, have their purpose, and they will have their desired effect of making the slightly less crazy appear acceptable by comparison. All it takes is a venue (all of media and entertainment [Jesuit Theater], plus “education” in this case), persistence and time, plus a society of emotion-driven, frustrated and angry citizens.

        In short; it’s the schoolyard bully getting us to give him our lunch money because the alternatives we’re made to imagine are so much worse. If we get pissed off enough to eventually murder that bully after school, then so much the better. Now we’ve become the cruel and violent criminals he always said we were.

        It’s a bitch, ain’t it? And it will get worse.

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