Quote of the day—Bond_543

good and evil denotes an ability to consciously choose.

guns cant be evil. its about as rational as saying rolling pins are promiscuous.

June 1, 2018
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[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Bond_543

  1. “I have nothing to add”

    I’d definitely add an apostrophe, at the least, being that “cant” is an actual word having no relationship to “can’t”. Then, preferably, I’d capitalize a few words. That or add (sic)…(sic)…(sic)…(sic).

    This inability to use the English language starts out as an irritation, and quickly becomes exasperation, followed by dismissal.

    I watched several how-to videos last night in which the presenters could do little more than grunt and gesture, being unable to find proper words. It’s become a plague, a common symptom of which is that a presenter will shake an object in front of the camera as if in an effort to dislodge words from the physical object. Isn’t that a form of insanity?

    If you think you have something important or meaningful to say, surely it is worth saying correctly, such that it will be understood and respected by the largest number of people.

    Be it as it may that nearly all of us are victims of public “education”, is that miseducation a legitimate excuse for our failure to command the language? For example, can we not read and learn of our own volition? Can we not overcome our programmed deficiencies?

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