Democrats can’t get their message out

Interesting perspective:

Democrats looking to make good in November have a hard row to hoe, what with a booming economy, low unemployment, rising paychecks, and President Trump’s increasing foreign policy successes. They might get a foothold with the far left if they could talk about free college tuition, gun control, or opening U.S. borders, but they cannot get a word in edgewise with the media. They are only talking about on one thing: Trump’s supposed collusion with Russia.

It’s true that I have heard even less substance than usual from the Democrats. And what does come out seems to be random crazy talk.

After the November 2016 election the media cranked the crazy up to 11 and it still hasn’t come back down a year and a half later. But is the media really preventing a Democrat message getting through? Or is it that the entire political left is, in some sort of late stage insanity, frothing at the mouth and howling at the moon with Trump poking them with a virtual stick?


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  1. The simple truth is that the Demoncratic party insists on going farther and farther left, and the American public is trending further right of center. The public is beginning to realize that big government doesn’t work, and recognize that the promises of the left are empty.

  2. There’s an interesting op-ed in today’s Wall St Journal related to this: “It All Comes Out in the Greenroom — If you think liberal talking heads are obsessed with Trump, you should hear what they say in private.” by John Brabender. It seems that the pundits actually believe the crazy things they say, and many other things even crazier than what they will say out loud.

  3. “Or is it that the entire political left is, in some sort of late stage insanity, frothing at the mouth and howling at the moon with Trump poking them with a virtual stick?”

    Yes. It’s called “Peer Pressure”.

  4. Trump is inside the Dem OODA Loop, living rent free in their heads.
    His 6:00am tweets, which take 15 seconds each to write, drive the news cycles.
    He does a full day’s work, undisturbed, while the media screeches about a tweet.
    The media is so broken it can’t recognize how it is being played by Trump.
    The Dems are so broken they can’t get their fully-owned media lapdogs to stop yapping, sit down and behave.

  5. Oh, I’m getting their message every day, loud and clear, and for the last 50 years; racism, hate for American Principles and for the Western World, hate in general, victimhood, fear, irritation, agitation, lies within lies within lies, insecurity, envy, jealousy, covetousness, lust, idlol worship, confusion, more fear, projection, and THEREFORE an overwhelming desire to control others while they destroy themselves.

    It’s exactly the same with the Republicans. It’s just that the Dems are farther along in the process of demoralization, decay and destruction.

    Actually the essence of that message is as old as human history. So, what now?

    Step one in saving the world; clean your room. I forget where I recently heard that so I can’t cite it, but it’s a good one– You can’t really help others unless or until you have your own “house” (speaking both literally and metaphorically) in order. In light of that then, I’m pretty much worthless, myself. I have however taken the first step in solving that problem– The first step in solving any problem is in realizing that you actually have the problem. Not other people; you. Multiply that simple yet undeniable conundrum by several billion, and here we are. Hope you like crap.

      • Wow, that name is a blast from the past. I have not ventured to her website in years. I don’t need that much crazy.

        We got into a comment argument about how many rounds I should be allowed to carry to defend myself. The thought was that it would be better if I was a victim who ran out of bullets versus having a full capacity magazine. The horror!

          • Ah, thanks, my mistake. It was a while back, so the specifics slipped my mind. Frankly, there is nothing there worth the visit or the debate.

    • There are some good ideas in Jordan B. Peterson’s “12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos”, but upon reading some of Vox Day’s commentary, and much of that book, I realize that much of the good is common sense, another part of the good is merely projection into his words, sentences, and paragraphs of stream-of-consciousness things our own interpretation of what he is saying, not what he’s actually saying. He sounds good. In sound-bites he’s good. In excerpting him he’s good. The sum of the total is much less than the parts.

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