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Only hardcore right wing extremist belong to the NRA, over 98% of gun owners want nothing to do with the NRA and it’s unhinged extremist political agenda.

May 18, 2018
Comment to Parkland father calls out Trump, McConnell, Ryan after Santa Fe shooting
[Interesting claims. Nearly all the gun owners I know who don’t have NRA memberships say the reason is because they NRA gives up our rights too easily. The others I know say it’s because they don’t want to be on a list the government might someday get access to and use to confiscate their guns.

Going on to the next portion of the sentence, the NRA claims they have something like 6 million members. If that represents only 2% of gun owners then EisenhowerConservative is of the belief there are 300 million gun owners in this country out of a population of about 325 million, of which about 35 million are under the age of 18. So, EisenhowerConservative  believes the entire adult population and a significant portion of teenagers are gun owners.

Hence, we must conclude EisenhowerConservative is a liar and/or has crap for brains. It is my hypothesis that one or both attributes are prerequisites for being a gun control advocate. EisenhowerConservative is just one more data point confirming that hypothesis.—Joe]


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  1. I always thought the “I don’t want to be on a list as a gunowner” thing was silly. You don’t think the government has access to credit card records of you buying ammo?

  2. If the “Government” wants to find out who owns firearms, it would be the easiest search in history. Owners buy firearms; they fill out forms; they buy targets, ammo, and accessories; they join gun clubs; they hunt; they have neighbors who see them putting rifles in their cars. All of this is public information. The NRA is hardly a perfect organization, but it is the best we have right now. Best of all, they are effective, which we can tell by the amount of complaining from the progressives. Yes, they constantly want money, but freedom is not free.

    • I pay cash and my neighbors can’t see me and I don’t join anything.

  3. There it is again; any attempt, even a half-hearted one such as from the NRA, to protect an unalienable right endowed to everyone, equally, by their Creator, constitutes an “…unhinged extremist political agenda.” That’s a bit of projection of course, and so it tells us how far the leftist agitator class has gone over to the totalitarian side.

    EisenhowerConservative is correct in describing us, as compared to himself, through projection; to such an enemy of liberty, who is by extension an enemy of the very founding principles of the United States, the defense of constitutional rights is in fact an unhinged, extremist political agenda.

    The idea of liberty, and a government limited to upholding rights equally, is an affront to EVERYTHING an authoritarian (one of the criminal class) stands for. It takes away all of their meddling power and all of the kind of “authority” they’d like to have. It makes them irrelevant by both principle and law, and the covetous meddlers, the self-appointed judges and executioners of the world will never allow themselves to be irrelevant.

    So at this point in the “conversation” there is nowhere to go but to war, I suppose, one “unhinged, extremist political agenda” against the other.

  4. “Only hardcore right wing extremist belong to the NRA”

    Gee. And I always considered myself to be libertarian. You learn something new every day.

  5. No, I don’t belong to the NRA because they are great at organizing training and sanctioning shooting competitions but they suck as a civil rights organization. Look at the recent bump stock crusade. The NRA immediately rolled over and surrendered because they don’t like bump stocks either. There are any number of national organizations far better at second amendment civil rights than the NRA.

    • So, you are saying you are a good fit for the first category I described. Right?

    • Possibly. But there is a good argument that what actually happened is the ATF just adopted a rule that they cannot successfully defend in court.

  6. I’m beginning to wonder about the people who want big government to crack down on those they don’t like.

    Increasingly, it seems to me that they just want government to do the dirty work they’re not willing to do themselves. For example, I don’t recall ever hearing anyone volunteer to go door-to-door to confiscate guns. Lots of people seem to assume it’ll happen, but THEY won’t be the ones to do it, will they?

  7. I’m not an NRA member and not for any of the reasons specified. It’s partially because I think they were better when they were organizing shooting competition, safety, etc. and not a primarily political organization. It’s partially because I see 75% of what I pay come back in the form of junk mail, periodicals I don’t want, and requests for more money or help lobbying.

    If there were a way to donate anonymously and not get on a mailing list, I’d probably do it. Until then then 2nd amendment foundation gets my money.

    • You can opt out of the mailing list. I’d be willing to bet you could send them a money order from John Smith if you wanted to.

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