Quote of the day—Floyd Wilson

Firearms are rarely used for self defense. They are mostly used for domestic violence and to make racist suburbanites feel tough.

Floyd Wilson
May 17, 2018
Comment to Gun Rights Group May Sue Columbus Over Gun Control Laws
[Trolling? Crap for brains? Delusional? Telling the big lie?

I’m going with, “Telling the big lie” with “Trolling” in second place. The facts are easy enough to look up even if you can’t arrive at the correct conclusion from thinking about easily observable data (such as the police carrying guns for self-defense).—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Floyd Wilson

  1. Then again, it seems a lot of people like this guy don’t believe that police carry guns for the purpose of self-defense. They believe, or claim to believe, that the purpose is general racist murder.

  2. I use my guns for self defense every single day.

    As for F Wilson? I’ll go with, “Challenging the honest in the world to do something about him”.

  3. Well, in the places where he and other totalitarian stooges like himself are in power, that may be true, those places tend to have “safe storage” laws, which translates to useless storage, because a gun with a trigger lock won’t help someone facing down a break-in, and a gun that takes 10 minutes to get to (which I’ve read is the standard for government owned housing in a lot of jurisdictions) also won’t help you with a goblin.

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