Gun share program

Via Sean D. Sorrentino who has his own comments on the topic:

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I consider myself a libertarian but I wouldn’t say this is what I want. The “Metro Gun Share Program” would appear to be something operated by the city or county. I think it should be a private enterprise endeavor.


4 thoughts on “Gun share program

  1. And a Libertarian program would offer more options than just an M16A2 ….

  2. You can’t tell from this angle, but it’s a public art project in Chicago… and the simulated rifles appear to have 30-round magazines inserted.

    Were I there, I’d be curious to check if the selector switch has a full-auto setting. Not that it matters, just curious.

  3. Also, blue is standard for “inert”, and not what I would want to imply with the program.

    The real libertarian solution would be a crew served weapon that requires two people to pull cross-locked triggers.

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