Quote of the day—Hieu Nguyen

I carried a gun all the time. I used to have a Mac-10, I used to have a .44, a 380, a 9 millimeter.

Those gangs, those criminal people, that want to do criminal thing they will go to the black market and purchase the gun.

Hieu Nguyen
Former San Jose gang member
May 6, 2018
San Quentin Inmates Join The Gun Control Debate
[Others interviewed also spoke of how easy it is to buy a gun via the black market.

What found most interesting was that the author thought it insightful to ask people who made such poor decisions they ended up in prison what they thought what public policies should be.

But, this is San Francisco. Perhaps they were just making sure the criminals would still have plenty of job opportunities.—Joe]


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  1. What strikes me is a criminals view of “guns kill” and liberals view of same.
    Correlation? Or a biased article? Or both?

  2. The only people inconvenienced in purchasing a gun are the law-abiding.

    Criminals fear armed victims more than they fear police.

    Therefore it is inescapable; a government that restricts gun ownership, and common criminals, are natural allies. Both criminals and corrupt government have the same life strategy; to lord over the honest, productive members of society and take their stuff. They’re simply two versions of the same thing, but government, being the wholesale criminal operator, is far more destructive and deadly and that’s the one we always tolerate most because we keep falling for its fake selling points.

    So this fight has never been, and never will be, about WHETHER people should own guns because criminals and government will always have them no matter what. Rather, the only question regarding guns is whether the honest and the law-abiding should also have them.

    Anyone who opposes an unadulterated second amendment is therefore a criminal, a would-be criminal, has emotionally bonded with criminals, or has fallen for the lies of criminals to such an extent that this basic, irrefutable, self-evident line of reasoning is abandoned. There is simply no other possible conclusion.

  3. Not only can guns be purchased on an unregulated criminal market, they can be sold profitably on that market. Especially if the guns are stolen, rather than purchased, by the salesmen to the other criminals. That really cuts down the price to the criminal, who can buy a new or used gun at lower prices than in any pawn shop, or from any retail outlet, or from a gun show, or from a legal private seller. Or a criminal can borrow or rent a gun for a while, and return it for use by other criminals, for very little money compared to buying.

    The only people inconvenienced by gun laws are the law abiding, and among those inconveniences are paying a higher price for the guns legally purchased and owned, compared to criminals and their illegal guns.

  4. What Lyle said.

    There will always be a black market. No matter how guns are restricted, criminals will buy them, or steal them.

    Even if we destroyed every single firearm in the United States, without exception (and wouldn’t that do wonders for national defense!), so that criminals could not steal guns from military or police forces… the guns would belong to those who could make them.

    Guns are here to stay. That’s been a foregone conclusion for hundreds of years. And it’s a foregone conclusion that governments and criminals will have them. For now, in America, law-abiding citizens MAY have them, if they want.

    It’s up to us to make sure that freedom of choice is not taken away from us. If it ever is, we’re not getting it back without a fight… and we’ll no longer have tools with which to fight.

    “Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them.”
    – Frederick Douglass

  5. I’ve never met a criminal that wasn’t pro-gun control. It’s almost like they prefer to operate in a victim disarmament zone.

    • And given that 60% of the prison population identify as Democrats it is no surprise that in general Democrats are advocates of gun control.

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