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The only people being hurt are people like Rhode who want to be law-abiding citizens but are thwarted by rules that keep them from doing something they should lawfully be able to do.

But then again, it’s California. What do you expect?

Tom Knighton
April 29, 2018
Olympic Medalist Files Suit Against California Over Bullet Control
[It would seem that in California the only hope we have are the courts.

It is very clear the intention is to harass and have the ability to imprison innocent gun owners at their whim (see Ayn Rand quote). It has nothing whatsoever to do with public safety. Now, if the courts see it that way and decide to intervene instead of cheer the authoritarians on remains to be seen.—Joe]


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  1. I sincerely hope the “Lions under the throne” as the judiciary was referred to in Britain in the 17th century see it that way, but if they are handed their paychecks as they are writing the decision, like a dog that hangs around because you feed it, I don’t have much hope for an un-influenced decision.

  2. I don’t have any hope for remedy in the courts anymore. At least not from the state or the 9th circus. The courts/judges are too agenda and feelz driven to objectively rule based on actual constitutional principles anymore. (actually/historically it’s probably been that way since the founding, but there is no real mechanism with which to correct that short of VERY slowly selecting principled judges from such a large pool of corrupt lawyers, which feels like shoveling water against the tide, or another revolution.)

    • There is another mechanism. But since none of the branches respect the Constitution, it won’t be used.
      Since judges swear an oath to protect and defend the Constitution, actions and decisions against the Constitution are perjury. That’s an impeachable offense, so they can — and should — be impeached and convicted, thereby removing them from office. Remember that (federal) judges are appointed “during good behavior” — not for life even though it’s usually stated that way.

  3. “…the people most likely to be impacted by a law like this are lawful shooters. Criminals aren’t that affected.”

    Of course. Those who concoct such laws are thoroughly aware of all that. Their target is not criminals. Criminals pose no threat to the authoritarian system. Criminals are part of that system.

    No, Young Grasshopper; the authoritarian alliance, or confederacy, is targeting the law-abiding. Rather more specifically, they’re targeting those of us who reject the authoritarian system and favor the perfect laws of liberty. We’re the enemy, while the street thug is an ally. And so, in attempting to educate the upper echelon authoritarians on this matter, we miss the point entirely. We’re the ignorant ones. Harassing the honest people while handing the most aggressive criminals a bit of a monopoly on deadly force? Absolutely, that’s the best, most excellent feature of so-called “laws” like these.

    Once I believed that the lessons of the alcohol Prohibition era had failed to penetrate the American cultural psyche. It was obvious, right? The “war on drugs” and attempts at gun prohibition, and so many legal barriers to entry into various industries and markets prove it, right?

    No. Now I realize that the lessons of Prohibition were learned, and very well, which is why they’re being applied in so many more ways today by those who seek to benefit from the pain, the chaos, stagnation and fear (to say nothing of the ill-gotten money, or the pleasure of watching their enemies squirm).

    Without all these laws, taxes, requirements and restrictions, and the bureaucracies to administer them, what can the authoritarian (the bully-parasite) do but sit on the sidelines, observe, and go insane with hate while others live, produce and prosper? He has no legitimate place in society, no role whatsoever, and so his life depends on deception, subterfuge, guile, and intimidation, i.e. crime and tyranny.

    The mere thought of a society wherein the American Principles of Liberty are truly and for once fulfilled throws the authoritarian into a level of panic and hatred that few mere mortals can imagine.

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