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Today, the State of New York did one of the most despicable acts ever perpetrated by any state by asking New York banks, financial institutions and insurance companies to stop doing business with the gun and ammo industry.

While it may not make a difference to New York, Hornady will not knowingly allow our ammunition to be sold to the Government of the State of NY or any NY agencies. Their actions are a blatant and disgusting abuse of office and we won’t be associated with a government that acts like that. They should be ashamed.

Steve Hornady
President of Hornady Manufacturing Company
April 23, 2018
Hornady stands up to State of New York
[I just ordered 500 Hornady bullets for reloading in response to this announcement. I’ll order more if the price stays competitive and they work out well.

I’ve had this sort of restriction on the use of Modern Ballistics since it’s creation over 20 years ago. Not that I have any means to enforce it.

It’s nice to see big players doing something similar with at least some ability to make it stick.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Steve Hornady

  1. Nice!

    It’s about time the industry started pushing back against the Progressive/Red dirtbags.

    The NRA should get onboard and encourage members, shooters and liberty advocates to move to firearms friendly or at least neutral financial institutions.

  2. First off; New York State is blatantly conspiring to deprive constitutionally enumerated rights, and that puts them, and the conspiring banks, in violation of both 18 USC 241 and 18 USC 242. Jim Crow never went away, he simply changed his spots. Isn’t this grounds for immediate arrests, or at least injunctions and law suits? Or do laws no longer have any weight at all?

    So long as our most serious response is “Move to another bank, or move to another state” (i.e. retreat) then the enemy is winning. “Ht them in the wallet” might be a strategy with merit but, in the of case of banks, they are propped up by government– they’re essentially one entity now.

    And anyway, it won’t be long before there’s no place left to retreat to.

    The Hornady XTP is my main bullet for 9 mm and 10 mm, and their “custom”, or whatever they call them, seating dies, with the sliding seating stem, are quite good. The old, static seating dies never made sense to me. I also use, and like, the Hornady case-activated powder drop (CAPD) setup with their powder measure having the QD metering inserts (although, seriously, they should try talking me into re-writing their supplied instructions). Get a separate lower unit for the CAPD, for every cartridge you load. Then you simply transfer the measure to the correct lower unit, pop out the insert and pop in the new insert, and you’re set up for the other caliber– all your adjustments are saved. Pro tip; get a separate measure for using the rifle metering drum, and another for the pistol, because swapping out the whole drum when using the CAPD is a pain. Also, some people prefer the Hornady L&L progressive press over the blue ones, and they are a tad less expensive.

    One thing I’d like to see from Hornady is a selection of seating die stems, or sleeves, one for each of their bullet nose profiles. As it is, the only way I’ve ever gotten truly consistent seating depths with anyone’s dies is to custom-form a seating stem to the specific bullet. And once you do THAT, you soon realize that lot-to-lot bullet nose and meplat profile variations abound, because when you start into a new lot of bullets you have to readjust your seating depth.

    • Until we can get a prosecutor to do their job we have to use the best tools we have available.

  3. I was shooting Hornady factory match ammo exclusively through Boomershoot. It performed really well. While I didn’t have my .308 on the line, their 178gr .308 BTHP match ammo is phenomenal in my Remington 700. Less than quarter sized single hole group at 100 yards. Shoots better than Federal Gold Medal Match in that rifle.

    I have laid in Hornady bullets as well for 6.5 Creedmoor. They’ll be getting more of my attention going forward too.

  4. Winchester, Remington, others?

    Step up and shut them out. When the NYPD runs low you can bet that the politicians will change their tune. IT is one of the few ways we can hit back against this flagrant abuse of power.

    For anyone who says this is too harsh for the NYPD, remember that Bloomberg once said that they were basically his private army. I’ve been to NYC and they do seem like an army camped out on it, so I am not going to lose any tears over their discomfort. While “Stop and Frisk” was successful, it was a horrible abuse. The knife law prosecutions are ridiculous and capricious. Finally, ignoring the federal firearms transportation law when people are diverted to JFK or La Guardia is beyond the pale. So no, no love lost for the officers there who enforce this stuff.

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