Quote of the day—John Legend @johnlegend

The NRA is a danger to this nation and to the police.

John Legend @johnlegend
Tweeted on April 27, 2018
[For certain definitions of “this nation” he is correct.

One must necessarily conclude Legend’s definition is a nation in the process of becoming a police state.—Joe]


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  1. The police? I’m pretty sure no NRA members have been involved in shootings, or we would have heard about it very clearly.

  2. I agree; a clear definition of “this nation”, as he used the term, is in order, because it certainly isn’t the United States as intended by the founders. I think his usage is clearly along the lines of, “global authoritarianism”, so let’s go ahead and fix the quote, translating it from Left-Speak to English;

    “The NRA is a danger to global authoritarianism and to the policing systems thereof.”

    Also; yes. Yes it is. So what’s your point, Mister John Legend? I mean, what could possibly be wrong with being a danger to violent criminals and more importantly to the establishment of global authoritarianism? The establishment of this “danger” of an armed populace (being necessary to the security of a free state) was the main point of the second amendment. So yes, we’re dangerous, and we’re supposed to be dangerous to any and all who threaten human life, and human liberty as defined in the United States’ founding documents (see how I actually defined “this nation” there?).

    The question that troubles me is; are we dangerous enough? The answer there would appear to be; probably not, because seditionist leftist agitators/useful idiots/grievance collectors like John Legend are legion, and they appear bent on a revolution to overthrow the American founding principles.

    As it stands today…how many police officers are NRA members? And how many police have been NRA trained? “A great big bunch” is the answer there, because not all police are itching to join the revolution to promote a police state, and some are dead set against such nonsense.

    It should be pointed out that Rearden Metal Is “dangerous” too. Not for any particular reason, mind you (well OK; it’s “dangerous” because it’s better in every way compared to the bullshit that’s been made everywhere else, and so it threatens those old establishments which are based on political pull, or authority, rather than merit and free choice – get the parallel?)

  3. A danger to this nation and to the police?

    I’m confused. I thought the police were a danger to this nation (especially people of color in this nation, albeit not necessarily Nationals). Isn’t that what they keep telling us?

    Are the police the last bulwark, bravely protecting us against NRA nuts? Or are the police racist hicks, just waiting for an excuse to arrest, or shoot, innocent people of color? I don’t see how they can be both.

    (I do see, however, how they can be neither.)

    For extra credit, find a photo of a black NRA member talking to a black police officer. Who is a danger to whom, and how do you know?

    • “I don’t see how they can be both.”
      Among Leftists it is considered the mark of a first class mind to be able to hold two contradictory thoughts in it at the same time.
      Hence, Trump is Hitler, and that means it will be a bloody task to remove him from power, yet at the same time we are to hand in all firearms and depend on the police which are of course, led by Mr. Trump.
      Compared to leftists, the white queen in “Through the Looking Glass” was a slacker, only believing as many as six impossible things before breakfast, Leftists believe so many impossible things, and so few of them have first class minds, it’s easy to understand why mental illness has spilled over into the streets.

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