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Talk of banning military-style semiautomatic weapons actually bothers some guys THAT much. They feel THAT threatened by it. Somewhere along the line in their mind their penis and their gun became one.

Kevin Gregg‏ @KevinPaulGregg
Tweeted on April 9, 2018
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

We have SCOTUS decision. They have Junior High insults.—Joe]


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  1. The problem is that all and every gun has been used as military weapons including the muskets that Big Gun Control claims that the second amendment covers.

    • …which is why it is important to remember and mention that the Miller decision, for all its faults, clearly held that the 2nd Amendment particularly protects weapons useful for use by the militia (i.e., for military applications).
      That doesn’t help when they come for “Saturday night N***town specials” (i.e., “guns affordable by low income people”) but it’s the perfect counter to “let’s ban AR-15s”.

    • I recall reading that the Turks used Winchester ’73’s in the Russo-Turkish war of 1875.

      • The Ottoman Turks actually used the Winchester ’66, in .44 Henry rimfire. The guns were still in use by Turkish reserve troops during the Great War, their early resistance against Empire troops at Gallipoli in 1915 saw many wounded ANZAC diggers retaining the lead slugs deep in their bodies, it being sometimes too difficult for field or hospital ship surgeons to operate.
        So, some young men retained their internal souvenir from Johnny Turk until death, sometimes decades later.

  2. Agitators gonna agitate.

    Leaving aside the question of how it is that an authoritarian’s mind so readily turns to sex when discussing issues of lethal force, it is imperative that he avoid the main issues of human rights endowed by our Creator and the American founding principles based thereon.

    They have to avoid the real issues because, if their true goals were generally known, they would surely fail. Deception, distraction, irritation, demoralization, agitation and redirection are their only hopes then. It isn’t easy re-packaging evil as good, and so, once in a while, they just need to bust out and let the evil shine through.

    All of that, combined with their white-hot anger at the fact that our opinions still matter, is driving them into a frenzy of hate. They shouldn’t NEED to lie to us. What we think SHOULD NOT ever matter because they SHOULD be able to use force and make their wishes of dominance (of a purely coercion-based society) come true. The authoritarian mind is weary of having to lie and misdirect, because all it should take is a command, a threat, or a bullet to get what it wants. In the authoritarian mind it is unfair and unjust that he should need to stoop to lying and manipulation– In his exalted, infallible state (and what could be more exalted and infallible than Universal Peace and Global Unity?) he should be worshipped and obeyed without question or comment.

    • I believe they get sexually excited at the thought of following in the footsteps of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and all of the other msss murderers.
      After all, they were all leftists too, and they all disarmed their victims first to facilitate the democide
      Those are the things that give the leftists a hard on – the exercise of raw power over others to the point of mass murder. It gives them a sense that their otherwise impotent, incompetent lives have “meaning.”

  3. “Somewhere along the line in their mind their penis and their gun became one.”
    No, dear child, that’s somewhere in YOUR mind. Gun owners aren’t the ones conflating sex and violence.

  4. Who has a semi-automatic penis? Mine is full-auto. Thankfully, it was manufactured just prior to 1986 and is now quite valuable.

  5. My counter insult is that Kevin Gregg is likely disarmed by choice and as such he is USELESS in the defense of himself, his loved ones, and his country. We don’t need any more beta males, We need real men and for them to avoid being slaves, they are armed.

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