Dress code or uniform?

I have a dress code that I think should be universal:

  1. You should wear appropriate clothing to protect you from the elements.
  2. You should wear sufficient clothing to protect you from getting arrested.

Actually, #2 is just a special case of #1, but some people need to think about it a some to realize that so I usually make it a different line item.

I am reminded of this because in the collection of memes Rolf sent me was this one:


Interesting comparison.

It certainly isn’t a “dress code”. But it could be some sort of attraction to that sort of uniform by people of the same personality type. I wonder if clothing preferences by different personality types have been researched.

I’ve heard that many women are sexually attracted to men in uniforms. I wonder if other strong correlations can be found as well and if that information could be useful in some way.


4 thoughts on “Dress code or uniform?

  1. I suspect the mode of dress projects an image which says “Hey, I’m bland and uninteresting and harmless. I’m one of you. Now, kneel before me!”

  2. Hmm…”I’ve heard that many women are sexually attracted to (wo)men in uniforms” would explain the Hildabeast Chairman Mao uniform.

  3. re: men in uniforms.
    Men in uniform are generally young and healthy, or if older they are savvy and moderately well-connected survivors. Their social standing (rank) is clear. They are though to be able to be a protector. They are often part of the government, which is the most powerful gang around, and you want to be on their side. Uniforms are usually designed to make the people wearing them look impressive or intimidating.
    So, no real surprise they are considered attractive.

  4. “You can’t be a non-conformist without the proper uniform.” — attributed to Christopher Stasheff (cited on Sarah Hoyt’s blog)

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