With all the anti-gun owner stuff going on when the NRA called last month I immediately upgraded my membership:


When some Republican fundraiser called me yesterday I told him, “I’m very nearly a one issue voter. I care about gun ownership rights. You guys just passed a bunch of gun control stuff. We are done! I’m giving my money to the NRA. If you want it you need to earn it from them.” He tried to keep talking but I hung up on him.


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  1. Yeah, because bans by rulemaking based on semiauto “rate of fire” and no-due process “protection” orders are always a good idea. FOPA did wonders for NFA investors. And the background check “compromise” eliminated crime altogether. Right?

    Good thing Vermont has an NRA A-rated governor, or who knows what he would have signed.


    Maybe you can ask for a refund.

    • And is there an alternative organization that better represents us?

      Nearly all of my money for “the cause” goes into ammo, practice, training, and Boomershoot to train others. But I would like some way to make my displeasure with congress critters better known. Suggestions?

      • Suggestions? Oh boy.

        A. All politics is local. All politics is influenced by “education” whether it be fraudulent or genuine.
        A (1); What is “news”? I know that it is NOT what is offered as “news” – That’s all distraction and misdirection.

        B. We all, with no exceptions, lose everything in the end. How important is it for you to cling to it all ’till the last possible moment?

        C. Who is John Gault?– If there be any such thing as a promised land of some kind or form, the first step toward arriving there is “getting out of Egypt”. You may have to wander for 40 years in the desert, so be willing to give up everything (see item “B”). This connects with what I was saying yesterday– It is perhaps a bit hypocritical to complain that our body politic has gone corrupt, and then attempt to be as much a part of it as we can, i.e. at what point (and I submit that we’re far past that point) do you stop with the defibrillator and pronounce the patient dead? At what point do we back off, disengage, and allow, for the very sake of justice, those who’ve been calling for all hell to break out on Earth to let them have their hell (and choke on it)? They seem determined to get it, so why not let them have what they so deeply and earnestly desire? They already hate our fucking guts for trying to subvert their Operation Hell On Earth.

        This is not to say that we mustn’t attempt to speak truth, so far as we can understand it, to as many people as possible, but that maybe we shouldn’t do so with the notion that we can turn the tides of authoritarianism. What did the American Revolution buy? It was 70 years after that when Civil War broke out, and shortly after that the Progressive era was under way. Compare that to the life of the Roman Empire, which in essence and effect lives on to this today. Maybe the best we can do is convince a few people to avoid being totally sucked into it. To sum up item “C” then; work outside the corrupt system (it’s a fetid corpse, for shit’s sake), i.e. disengage from it and expose it from the hilltops.

        Of course I’m being hypocritical, what with running an on-line business over the Pharisees’ infrastructure and paying taxes ‘till there’s nothing left of me, but I don’t believe that means I’m prohibited (yet) from speaking on the matter. And of course, if you’re doing a really good job of exposing their corruption, they’ll want to kill you, real bad, but is there any better way to die than that?

        Asking the corrupt to turn against their corruption (and by that very act confirming to them that they’re in charge), and then dying a few years later anyway, doesn’t seem as good.

  2. Since I’m against PPYI, NDERPOs, and firearms bans; and for constitutional carry, I put my money into TZP, GOA, and GCO.

    If you’re cool those restrictions, and opposed to carry, you’re probably putting your money where you should.

    Does the NRA have a larger media voice than those others? Certainly. But given what the NRA has to say with that voice, that is not a net positive for human/civil rights.

    • Cris Cox, current executive director of the NRA-ILA has been on the job since April 2002. NRA-ILA follies before then should be weighted considerably less than those since then. NFA ’34, GCA ’68, and FOPA ’86 should now have a weighting of zero. I’m far less interested in what they did 30+ years ago than what they will do tomorrow.

      As near as I can tell, legislatively, NRA-ILA is the best place to my bets. Judicially, I place my bets equally with SAF and FPC.

  3. Have been a Life Benefactor member for many years
    I don’t agree with everything that the organization does or agrees to. However, if it were not for the NRA we wouldn’t be able to be having this conversation. There are other worthwhile organization’s as well, including gun owners of America, and the second amendment foundation. The last has done Yoemans work in the legal arena.
    The political parties gett nothing from me.
    I am a constitutionalist and proud of it.

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