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If u get the second amendment changed to ‘only f&@ckwits with small dicks own guns’ you will be free to own as many as you like real men use fists Little metrosexual wannabe gangsters feel the need to have a gun and fat old men

Yoda hodl’s‏ @bitcoin_yoda
Tweeted on March 27, 2018
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

Via a tweet from Jonathan.

As Jonathan says, “This one is rather incomprehensible.” But, when you get right down to it they all are. They are debating constitutional law using childish insults.—Joe]


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  1. Who do they think they’re talking to? Are they mistaking us for a false stereotype they’ve created, or are they only talking to their own duped?

    Let’s see, Yoda hodl’s attempting to use sexual humiliation, metro-sexual shaming (“lifestyle” shaming), fat shaming and age discrimination.

    Those are the things they accuse us of doing. We’re the mean and insensitive ones, goes the leftist Progressive communist authoritarian narrative, while they are the thoughtful, open-minded, inclusive, considerate and compassionate ones. Can anyone be any more hypocritical?

    Again we must ask; do “real women” use their fists too, in the fantasy universe of Progressivism? And the old (and presumably the children) don’t deserve to live at all? Only the superior fist fighters deserve to live? And of course this assumes criminals and tyrants will never have guns, knives, clubs or sharp sticks after the law-abiding have been disarmed.

    When is it fair for us to say we are “triggered” and that we need a “safe space”? Maybe our Safe Space should be the U.S., and maybe we could turn it into the one place on the whole Earth that is totally free of Marxists, socialists, communists, Fascists, Democrats, Republicans, Confederates, and all other coercive shit-bags.

    Well, at least I can admit that my thought of America as the one free place on Earth is total fantasy. The coercives never give up, can never leave others alone, and like the schoolyard bully they will always force you into a fight and then blame you for being the bully. It’s contrary to their nature to leave anyone living free. They cannot tolerate it, ever.

      • Exactly; you can know what they are by what they accuse us of being. Shall we count the ways?

        Sexually insecure or confused
        Hate children
        Hate the less fortunate
        Hate people that aren’t like us (racist/homophobic, et al)
        Greedy, materialist, kleptomaniac
        Generally insecure

        Did I miss any?
        It’s Projection for sure, but something more. The projection is inspired by envy. The troubled mind hates to see more successful, confident people, and will immediately begin to seek fault and to malign them, bringing them down to their level. The envy, a virulent form of hate, starts the process.

    • This fits in with my theory that liberals are generally in a state of emotional infancy.

      Teenagers are generally very motivated by social acceptance, and will suppress individuality in exchange for tribalism and conformity. Ranking in the tribe is a calculation of variables such as aesthetics, penis size, sexual conquest, and physical strength. Notice the parallel of these social ranking attributes to the common thread in these Marley’s law allegations that gun owners are ugly, weak, unsuitable mates with inadequate genitalia.

      These are general rules for tribal ranking which I believe transcend the years and changing culture (and probably species too). Some of these variables may be denied in open discussion depending on the current cultural iteration, but they are still present in suppressed form.

      The adult aged liberal is very similar to the teenager who is desperate for social and sexual acceptance. It is a failure to mature.

  2. …says the coward hiding behind a fake name. (A Star Wars name. Say, do you think this tough guy has incorporated his Star Wars dolls–excuse me, figurines–into his own personal martial arts?)

    What’s the over/under on this guy’s body weight?

    But I’m sure he knows his dick is of adequate size. It fits perfectly into his Princess Leia doll—there I go again, figurine.

    • They’ve abbreviated and l33t spelled the text so much into incomprehensible and inane statements they think is long winded they’ve been reduced to using pictures now for day-to-day simple minded emotional grunting.

      Don’t need words when your vocabulary is reduced to that below my dog’s. And he’s an Australian Cattle Dog and far from stupid on the canine scale of understanding!

  3. Having survived a couple of heart attacks, I am in no condition to engage in a fist fight. Neither would outrunning an attacker be an option. This is why an equalizer is sometimes needed.

  4. OK, so I am a fat old man, and I’m old enough to admit my dick ain’t nothing to brag about. That means I don’t have the right of self defense? To hell with that, and to hell with them.

    Next they’ll be saying that other groups, from Blacks to Jews to Muslims to Women, should also be barred from self defense. To hell with that, again, and to hell with them, again.

  5. So would “Yoda hodl” object to me beating him to death with my fists?
    I mean, dead is dead. What difference does it make with my method?

    How is it morally superior for me to go for hand-to-hand combat versus shooting a rapist/terrorist/rioter/murderer? Answer, it is not, but liberals lack a moral compass.

    I think we had a time when hand-to-hand combat was the norm…it was called the Dark Ages.

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