A protest march and a catchy chant should work

Via email from Brian Keith:


It makes sense. Just ignore what Mao Tse-Tung said:

Every Communist must grasp the truth, “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.”

When the tyrant starts loading you into the cattle cars you should just come up with a catchy chant and march away from the trains. That should work just fine.

Oh, maybe the anti-gun people, nearly all of them with a communist streak, do understand the truth of Mao and that is the reason they want to take our guns. Their plans are that it is we who are loaded into the cattle cars. Gee, I never thought of that before!


6 thoughts on “A protest march and a catchy chant should work

  1. Mao Tse-hung eh? Is he a new porn star? (don’t give them any ideas; they might just run with it)

    Seriously though, your point is THE point regarding so-called “gun control”.

      • A Freudian slip about the well-deserved end for a tyrant such as him? For someone named Mao-Short-Life, he certainly shortened the lives of millions of Chinese people.

        • What a lot of people on both sides don’t realize is that the clowns that rise to power in Communist style revolutions are particularly brutal and not very intelligent. Brutal seems to be the most useful attribute, and brains a distant (very distant) second. Stalin and Mao exemplify this category.

          Mao’s Red Guard pretty much eliminated students in universities when they ran wild in the 60’s. Those not killed were shipped to communes, mostly near the Russian border, I’m told. They stayed there. Had a Chinese roommate about 1980, and he was one of just a handful from his school that got sent to a farm in the south. He spent a week, moving at night, to reach the peninsula that Hong Kong is located on. He then spent maybe another week swimming along the edge to reach that city. Eventually, he got to the US, and put himself through university here.

          His job? Computer chip designer. That’s the kind of brains the Chinese threw away. That’s the kind of brains the socialists/communists always throw away. The intelligent ones are ALWAYS considered to be a threat to TPTB. History shows this. Yet, the Intelligentsia always seem to be big supporters of this sort of political movement. “Useful Idiots” is the term that Stalin coined for them.

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