Rounds in the last month

I still did a lot of prepping of .223 brass this month but I also did a fair amount of reloading. I reloaded 1195 rounds of .223. I’m going to do a little more .223 then I have to switch back to .40 S&W as I am running out of practice ammo.

This brings my lifetime reloaded ammunition totals to:

223: 4,513 rounds.
30.06: 756 rounds.
300 WIN: 1,591 rounds.
40 S&W: 80,258 rounds.
45 ACP: 2,007 rounds.
9 mm: 21,641 rounds.
Total: 110,766 rounds.

In somewhat related news a co-worker told everyone at the team meeting today that if there were a zombie apocalypse he was going to find me. As he is about 6’ 6” tall, smart, and regularly practices martial arts I could see there being some potential for their being a mutually beneficial relationship in such an event.


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